Friday, April 04, 2014

Letterman – Last of the Late Night Retirement’s - for now

From the New York Times David Letterman is set to retire – according to the New York Times, he will retire after his contract expires in 2015. That will bring him through the mid-terms, but one has to wonder, to what effect will this “icon” have on anything future? Jimmy Fallon appears to have swung squarely to the middle, with guests that are both ideologically right and left, pleasing both halves of the nation – Smart move. This is where Lettermen’s relentless and often tactless attacks with those whom he politically disagreed, may have led to faltering ratings.

In some respects one might be sorry to see him go, along with Jay Leno, mostly due the age of the viewer and nostalgia more than any real desire to tune-in nightly. On the other hand, with these types of venues and political figures from both sides, patronizing the platform in order to reach the late night crowd, perhaps not – it just always struck this individual as somewhat – demeaning to the office they held, or the office they hoped to hold.

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