Friday, April 25, 2014

2014-2016 – Party Affiliation No-More – Rand Paul Wow’s Independent Youth Vote – Bests Clinton - Nation Leaning Unaffiliated

Party Affiliation in the U.S. appears to be on the downside, with higher percentages suggesting they prefer no party affiliation according to Gallup Polling – at 42%, the highest percentage in 25 years (Gallup). Another poll from Reason shows a deep distrust of politicians in general,(Reason, with access to crosstabs) which builds a strong case for those running who, while being affiliated with a political party, are not entrenched politicians who parrot their political affiliation party line.

As 2016 polling is strictly hypothetical at this point, given the fact that the 2014 mid-terms must first take place before the real games begin, it is still of interest as to which way the individuals polled are leaning. Take the latest Quinnipiac polling on how Colorado sees the 2016 race. Among likely candidates, Rand Paul is besting Hillary Clinton, and other “rivals”, at the top of the chart – being preferred by the college vote, a normal Democrat stranglehold. (Politico) (A side thought - Colorado is much like Massachusetts)

As the independent voter, regardless of lean, increases, and the distaste and distrusts of those perceived as part of the problem continues to rise, those who, like Senator Rand Paul, stand a better than average chance of reaching for the Presidential Brass Ring with success. Those who are seen as part of a political dynasty may sound fabulous to those who are part of the “machine”, however, to those who vote, and the vote counts, a different outcome is likely. Therefore, one can suggest given the early data, that the individuals running for the highest office will be “gimmicky” (i.e. first this or that), and brand new to the political scene (less than say 3 or 4 terms) and not be wedded to a political party to the teeth, (voting against one’s party on occasion). That leaves very few eligible for the position.

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