Tuesday, April 22, 2014

BLM Headlines – Suspicion Haunts Federal Agency – Among other agencies that now have the ability to shoot first and Ask questions later.

Is Mismanagement leading to a national showdown?

The Bureau of Land Management has taken a heavy hand lately – the standoff at the Clive Bundy ranch in Nevada bringing the spotlight to this particular agency. The reason the spotlight became so intense is that the BLM came to collect a tax due with agents complete with sniper abilities – a move seen as somewhat heavy-handed.

Among gun-toting US entities are The Postal Service (Infowars), and the National Weather Service (breitbart). The Most ridiculous of agency gun toting abilities purchased on the taxpayers dime would be The Department of Education (conservative daily).

Certainly one can understand the Park’s department (BLM) who may have to put a man in prison over pilfering a few rocks(Spokeman Review), or say, may some extra cash, or for the matter sell wild horses for meat(billings gazette). They also appreciate land-ownership – so they take it, being Federal, and then tax the individuals who previously held private land to the teeth – the next parcel on tap 90 acres in Texas – apparently a border dispute between the states of Texas and Oklahoma have compelled the agency to jump in and settle things (Breitbart).

Perhaps they will be joined by gun toting teachers, weather forecasters and postal workers.

Is it really no wonder that general citizens are now starting to fear or distrust the Federal Government? Most of this is, in all probability, agencies with too much of a budget and a lack of sense as to how to manage the taxpayers dollar, however, appearances are everything. Is it no wonder that downsizing the Federal Government to its original role (see the Constitution) would be a winning idea in many a state at the moment, or perhaps even nationwide.

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