Monday, January 06, 2014

Massachusetts 2014 Governors Race – Primary Challenge for GOP – Charlie Baker and Mark Fisher – Could a Republican retake the Governor’s office?

It goes without saying that Charlie Baker will be seeking the Governor’s office this year as Deval Patrick finally exits. He will, however, face a challenger, Auburn, MA businessman, Mark Fisher. Fisher, who is more Tea Party, offers a non-politically connected option to those Bay State primary voters – His website: offers an about Mark, as well as an issues page. Charlie Baker who ran in 2009 against then incumbent Deval Patrick, managed a loss of 1% based on a third party (Independent) candidate – or someone who was a Democrat conveniently turned Independent in time for an election. Baker’s website offers issues and insight into the candidate as well.

In Massachusetts politics one is instantly inclined to ask – “why bother” when Republican’s run against what is the Democrat machine in the Bay State. However, Boston Magazine suggests that with the top Democrats vying for the Governor’s office, there is not a great deal of confidence.

It would be the same if all nine of the Congressional seats (mainly incumbent Democrats) were also facing challengers, there would and should be a lack of confidence. The reason is not that the Bay State has suddenly turned red – by no means. It is more the anti-incumbent and anti-political party – that should have anyone who paid the slightest attention to the statewide local elections nervous. There were good and not so hot, mayoral races (outside of Boston) that went either way – with incumbent Republicans and solid Democrat mayors finding themselves short on vote, being replaced when it was thought not quite possible.

Since Massachusetts has been cast in the roll of what to do to win national elections, one might want to take a hard look at who is the least “political party” candidate and factor that person as a possible contender for the win. Of course, that does not take into consideration the usual Massachusetts.

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