Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Bob Gates Let’s Loose – States What Most Already Surmised on Defense Strategy of Obama Administration

Although it is being perceived as “shocking” by the major media outlets, Bob Gates, former Bush and Obama Secretary of Defense’s, critique of the administration’s handling of the nation’s defense in his new book ; he goes so far as to suggest Joe Biden could be wrong on foreign policy (ABCNews).

One might have been living under a rock for the past eight years not to notice several things gone astray, and remarks made publicly by administration officials, including Joe “foot in mouth “Biden, regarding the nation’s defense (foreign policy, economic policy, health care policy, etc. , etc.). It is not necessarily partisanship that drives the aforementioned suggestion; it is the reality of the world today, and the world – pre 2008. Lost opportunities in Iran (the student uprising of 2009), was a beginning of doubt of competence – it was not, to be honest, the fact that it was a lack of trying; it was a lack, as stated by Gates, of the general belief in the outcome.

The entire “sordid affair” will be shoved under the proverbial rug, no doubt sooner than later. Suffice it to say, that the nation, once emboldened by employment and a sterling education, no longer cares it appears, what petty partisanship remarks, made by either side of the political status quo aisle, rather, ignoring and bearing with each and every day of more trial and error.

History will decide, which is often noted by former President George W. Bush, who appears to be quite content. The job, which is bestowed on the President, generally ages and destroys even the most devote political animal – take a long look at President Obama – he is weary, as was Bush in the waning days – some are made for the positions, others have the position thrust upon them, some prepared through governing, others not so much. In this case, historically, the jury will be out for some time, regardless of the progressive bent of historians in general. Take Carter, who has been given a virtual pass by the elite, the general public remembering him as a “good man”, but…not suited for the job. Bush (W), more popular post Presidency, than during, may find history turning in his favor, due to the economics and a sense of nationalism. With the current administration, it is too soon to tell – yet, this book by Gates will be added to the research when the time comes.

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