Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Best Quote of the Week: “We’ve had record warmth. We’ve had record cold. The fact is it’s happened, and we don’t know exactly why.” –

Time to recycle 1970's Time cover - image from the conservative mind.net

Given the fact that we’ve (the U.S.) has had blistering cold weather this week in places as unusual as Alabama and Florida, there is always an explanation – the best one yet – based on the New York Times article on the Polar Vortex, also produced the best quote, by far, on weather by David A. Robinson, New Jersey’s state climatologist and a professor at Rutgers: “We’ve had this amplified pattern for the past six weeks or so,” he said. “With it, we’ve had record warmth. We’ve had record cold. The fact is it’s happened, and we don’t know exactly why.” (New York Times)

The Times also includes the usual “Global Warming” theories – however, that’s getting a bit difficult to swallow, unless the crew that’s on the second ship which is stuck at the north pole, trying to rescue the first global warming ship that got stuck in the ice, have some earth shattering news they’ve been unable to send back – what with all the chattering teeth.(Grist.org)

What those who are not paid global or anti-global warming activists can surmise is that the weather changes – this is especially true if one is from New England –just wait a minute, and the weather changes. Historically, weather patterns develop, where there are 20 years of cold (simplistically put) and then 20 years of warmth (again simplistically put). Some who have lived long enough may recall the global cooling craze (otherwise known as the coming of another ice age) which was popular back in the 1960’s & 1970’s (Read overview here:mastersource.org – the global cooling scare revisited One might just plug in global warming, and a lot of taxpayer resources for both “theories” and it starts to sound a bit like a money making gambit, rather than – historical weather patterns, which have occurred over the millennium.

Go figure. No one really knows.

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