Thursday, January 23, 2014

2016 Pre-Update – Rand Paul suggested as likely GOP front-runner – Making Sense of Changing Attitudes in Political Think

Senator Paul, during his filibuster, attracting both left and right over personal liberty - image Sioux City Journal

The Atlantic article titled “Rand Paul is the 2016 Republican Frontrunner” suggests the obvious, assuming that Chris Christie was a serious contender for 2016, or even considering it, and the same can be said of the Senator from Kentucky. If what the Atlantic article suggests were verified in the next 6 to 12 months, that both men were announced candidates for the nomination, there is no doubt that Paul would be the frontrunner.

The reasons are fairly simple, the first being that the media (certain progressive circles) attempt to minimize Paul at every step, from absurd charges of “racism” due to an affiliation with a staff member (who was summarily fired) to charges of “plagiarism” – which was based on the correctness of footnotes, the petty is playing large, as frankly, there is nothing else about the Senator that is remotely touchable. That has to scare a few analysts. He is popular with both bases, as a Libertarian, he is grounded in the Constitution, pleasing the right, whiel at the same time, anti-war, which pleases those on the left. He’s likable, young, a doctor, and does not tread the normal byways of the GOP.

He is the one candidate that one might consider to be free of political sin, and furthermore, not vested in Washington for Decades.

Should he decide to run, in due course, he would certainly be a front-runner. For those who approve of a little push-back against both parties, and Congressional procedures such as a filibuster, Paul ranks the highest in the current “fantasy presidential candidates” sweepstakes. The fact that John McCain referred to him as a “dangerous wacko bird” is just the icing on the cake.

He just might be the next shiny new Presidential candidate, as the left is geriatric at best, with names seen too often, with one exception, Elizabeth Warren, who, although a darling of the left, may not have the juice to unseat a Hillary Clinton (there is the super-delegate though), and should she do so, has less time in the Senate and no practical experience running anything –as a college professor.

Also is it doubtful that Paul would play into the power struggle that was the GOP – after the last two debacles – Romney & McCain, it’s time to recast the party – the Libertarian branch is reminiscent now of the “Know Nothings”, that first formed a viable national party – the Republicans, and elected one Abraham Lincoln. Possible, and probable – Paul is the one to watch for now.

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