Friday, August 02, 2013

How many Government Agents Does it Take to Kill A Fawn and Why Are We Paying for It! – Agents should be Reprimanded and Suspended.

Sounds like a great place for a govenrment raid - from the St.Francis Animal Sanctuary Website

First from a humane point of view, and secondly from a fiscal point of view, a raid at a No-Killanimal shelter in Wisconsin, to capture and kill a baby deer by nine – that’s nine DNR Agents, plus the local Sherriff’s office, is the type of government waste and heavy-handedness that free-loving peoples should not endure.

The Wisconsin division of the Department of Natural Resources is busy these days with Operation Deer Watch:

Monitoring deer reproduction has always been part of our deer management program. Yearly since 1960, DNR employees have reported location, deer type and number of deer seen from dawn to dusk for the summer months. These data help to determine the fawn-to-doe ratio and ultimately deer population estimates.
In addition, if one should be at a no-kill shelter, and be sheltering a baby fawn, those aiding the DNR and watching the deer, just might report that one trying to save a deer, is illegally keeping (without a permit from the state), a deer until said deer can be brought to a wildlife reserve. Should that happen, one can fully anticipate nine of these agents and the Sheriffs department, armed to the teeth, to come to the shelter, (by stealth), round up shelter employees, find the fawn (baby deer), kill the deer, and leave.

That makes perfect sense in a sick cartoon, however, in the real world, which is so desperately separate from just about any form of government in the U.S. – it does not. First, the agents might have asked about the fawn and its condition, what the intent of the shelter was, and when told it was going to a good place for deer, helped them to transport, and perhaps, fined the shelter, or better yet, issued a warning, that they should, next time, get a permit. The fawn would be alive and happily romping in the reserve, and those who spend their lives trying to save animals, would not be traumatized. There should have been one agent, not nine, and one sheriff; they should not have been armed to the teeth. They probably should carry guns, but probably not expect a great deal of threat from a no-kill animal shelter.

How much did this commando raid cost the State of Wisconsin/Federal Government in salaries? (Each State’s DRN is partially funded or fully funded by the Federal Government)

How much is the DNR in your state ready to step in and raid your farm, house, or no-kill shelter, with guns drawn, to kill other animals one might find injured or in need of a transport to an appropriate place, if they so deiced it may or may not be against the law. Cited was the fact that the deer might have been harmful to humans. There are diseases which wild animals carry; one would think that with nine individuals, and a bag, they could have grabbed the deer for testing, before release?

Would the saving of human life not require the involvement of yet another state/federal agency?

Surely that must fall under the IRS, now that the government is fully in control of our healthcare, and has handed it off to the most vicious and incumbent government agency.

Over-the-top, heavy handed tactics, by state, federal, and local agencies, should come with reprimands and suspensions – this is one of them.

Suggest that to Scott Walker, Governor or Wisconsin: Email:

Visit: Saint Francis Animal

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