Tuesday, July 30, 2013

“Pet Food Stamps” Program Now Available – Non-Profit Seeks to Aid Families Forced to Abandon Pets

This program may allow an elderly individual to keep best friend by their side - image from123rd.com

From: WWLP, NBC Affiliate, Springfield, MA: A non-profit organization has begun a new program: Pet Food Stamps. When one hears the words Welfare for Dogs, it might come as a bit of a stickler, given the overuse of entitlement systems and fraud in those systems, especially in Massachusetts, where EBT balances on receipts of over $7,000 have sparked just a bit of annoyance over the welfare system. That said, the fact that the program, run by PetFoodStamps, a New York 501c, offers those who are on any form of assistance, which falls below the poverty line, a way in which to feed pets, without abandoning them to a local shelter, where the end result is often “euthanasia”. This program suggests a blessing to those living on fixed incomes, especially social security, where the economy has take a huge toll, and losing a companion may be detrimental to both the elderly as well as their best friends.

In addition, the sign-up requires an upload of a photo identification, along with proof of eligibility to receive benefits in one’s state, or from the social security administration, (which would be a problem in say, Massachusetts). This would go a long way towards stopping the charity from being victimized by those who habitually abuse the system.

The “Pet Food Stamps” are access to shipments of chow for the family pet which is delivered through www.petflow.com A quick review of prices on dog chow, such as Core Wellness, grain free product, enjoyed by this bloggers three allergy prone dogs, is fairly reasonable – comparable to pricing at Amazon and other major online pet retailers.

Coupons are available through petfoodstamps.org which relies on donations, not government assistance.

What would be most helpful in these hard economic times, especially when individuals and families with pets who are working are struggling to make ends meet, would be a revival and passage of the Happy Act, which was proposed in Congress in 2009, by Thaddeus McCotter, Republican from Michigan and died in 2010 despite having good bi-partisanship support. The Happy Act would have allowed for deductions for expenses such as medical care for one’s pets.

For now, those with low incomes and facing the prospect of giving up their best friend due to the inability to pay for pet food may get some relief from PetFoodStamps.org.

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