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Hillary Clinton – Love Her or Not – What’s a Decades Old Sex Tape Between her Husband and His Intern Have to Do with Anything at all?

Hillary Clinton - image from charles city today dot com

From the website Radaronline (via The Drudge Report), headlines blare: “Secret Sex Tape: Monica Lewinsky Caught On Explicit Recording Telling Bill Clinton, ‘I Could Take My Clothes Off…’, the article goes into some details, and suggests the “scoop” by the National Enquirer, might somehow harm Hillary Clinton’s chances should she seek the Democrat Party nomination for President in 2016. What is particularly annoying about trivial junk such as this is that it is blatantly sexist. One must assume that the wife (spouse or partner) is somehow cheapened by the antics of their other half (usually referred to as the better half). The fact that one is in a relationship, especially a marriage, with children involved, puts the onus, not on the victims (spouse, children), but the protagonists (cheating husband and his “flame”). Regardless, the personal heartbreak, and or rage felt by the “wronged” individual, especially if the event took place decades ago, has nothing to do with their ability or inability to apply for a job. The fact that this is a woman at the focus of an article that suggests Sec. of State Clinton would somehow be harmed in her career because of someone else’s actions, (a man-her husband) – suggests a sexists overtone.

Here come the critiques of hairstyle, clothing choice, and anything but where Hillary Clintons stands on the issues. The whole affair and subsequent impeachment had, at the time, and now in the present, done zip to harm the Clinton family, except privately.

These “startling revelations” may sell a few more copies of the tabloid in a grocery store, or Wal-Mart, however, what does it matter in the greater scheme of things?

There is plenty to question politically and ideologically regarding Hillary Clinton and her future plans as a Presidential contender, which would be more germane. There will be multiple candidates from both major parties, and hopefully candidates from a third party - one which will demand some attention due to the distaste for polarization directly tied to the two-party system, and the continual election of members of the political class, or in some cases political dynasties. The problems that Hillary Clinton faces will be scrutiny over decisions made while working for the Obama administration, the fact that she is a woman, unfortunately, can be a challenge, but less so than in previous elections. She is not only part of the permanent political class, but also part of a political dynasty. One might suggest a Bush-Clinton matchup in 2016 would be enough to make one look hard and long at any third party nominee.

There is, as far as one can determine, no suggestion that a royalty of sorts should have evolved from those families who serve our nation. It should be the individual, who is willing to put for their time and treasure as outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

From this perspective, a choice between Hillary Clinton, a third party candidate (with actual qualifications – someone such as Dr. Ben Carson, for instance) and Jeb Bush, would make the third party candidate appealing. The political benefit of electing a third party candidate to the highest office is multiple – it would lessen the power of the permanent two party system, bring a perspective to the Congresses that getting along and finding compromise would be beneficial, and it would devastate the special interests that pervade the nation, from the PAC’s to the lobbyists. That’s for starters.

Therefore, it is not what has happened in Clinton’s personal life past, but what her accomplishments, or failures have been in her political offices. The muddying of the waters by downright stupid reporting, whether it is what she wore, how she looks, detracts from her ability to perform as a candidate. This does a great disservice to the nation – something that the mainstream media, the major parties, and their affiliated sycophants are counting on.

An unrelated article, but a must read: From Huffington Post Black Voices, the article “A Message to Trayvon Martin Sympathizers” by contributor Romany Malco. Reach the full article at It is, without a doubt, one of the smartest articles written regarding the education system, the media, and reality that one might read this month.

I would suggest, hwoever, that a majority of what Mr. Malco is stating, is applicable not only to the African-American community, but to the entire population, regardless of race or ethnicity.

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