Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What’s in a survey – God finds support for Creation with 62% in Polling – Creationism versus Theory – Is there really a Logic to those opposed?

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A new poll released by CBS suggests that a majority of Americans believe God had a hand in creating humanity – with 37 percent believing in direct intervention in creating humankind, 24 percent believing in a combined Darwinian theory – with God’s guiding hand, and a growing portion of the nation believing that God had no hand in the process whatsoever –performing the evolutionary theory. The poll was conducted by YouGov. (CBSLocal Washington).

CBS also noted the teaching of creationism was approved by 40 percent, while 32 percent were opposed and the balance was unsure (CBS). One has to understand the in any basic science course, regardless of which level of education, primary, secondary or higher education, the Theory of Evolution is taught as fact. When on applies logic to the concept of a Theory, one understands that it is a proposal that a specific set of data might have occurred, rather than cold hard fact. Therefore, as there is little proof that the Theory of Evolution is standing on solid ground; one might argue that the Study of Creationism holds as much water as Darwin’s theory. The difference, one is based on religion, the other on a scientific theory – therefore, if one were an atheist, but applying logic, the only conclusion that would be feasible in this debate between two schools – they are equally unexplained.

If one is religious in any form, and regardless of their religious bent, the fact that God had a hand in the creation of mankind is prevalent. They might entertain a theory, but understand it as a theory – not fact. On the other hand, those so opposed to any sort of belief in religion (organized or otherwise) will tend to cry foul more loudly, as God forbid, religion would ever step foot in a public square! This is regardless of the fact that they rely heavily on a theory to explain their very existence! Of course, the public square and religion in the United States is misunderstood completely by those who also eschew the existence of God in the first place. The U.S. Constitution does not state that there should be no religion, rather protects the individual’s right to practice their religion, and prevents the establishment of a national religion. It amazes when those who claim to be atheist, assert their first amendments rights as it pertains to religion – as they have claim to have no religion whatsoever. What they do have is the right not to have a religion, rather than the right to remove other religions from the public square. That would also be, logically, unconstitutional, as the removal of a Christmas Tree, or Menorah, from the town square, would prevent those who practice said religions from freely practicing their first amendment rights.

The same argument can be applied in the public schools, especially as regards to teaching two versions of creationism – one Biblically based, for those who believe, and one that is a theory, for those who choose not to believe in anything.

What this poll tells us with the underlying emphasis on religion versus secular theory, is the fact that this nation, like no other, is a tolerant nation, protected by a document that has stood the test of time, and guarantees the liberty to do as one chooses, as long as one does not trample on the rights of others.

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