Friday, July 26, 2013

The Drama in Washington – ObamaCare to Fund or Not to Fund that is the question. The answer is simple – Pull the Plug!

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It’s as if the nation (or those paying attention) are watching a Shakespearian comedy play out in the nation’s capital. Or perhaps a tragedy – depending upon one’s point of view. The Affordable Health Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare, is not particularly popular with a good percentage of the populace, while those who are clueless about the content, or cannot see the forest through the local broadcast news, may love it- until it is fully in effect.

The problems surrounding the beheamoth of a bill that was pushed thorugh with few reading the contents, if any of the nations Reprepsenatives actually ahd the time to read it prior to it’s passages are set to affect individuals and businesses, to varying degrees, with a negative, rather than positive impact. Those with health insurance in place are looking at skyrocketing costs, while those without, will fact both the high price of the exchanges, as well as penalties enforced by the IRS if they cannot afford the exchange insurance. Businesses are feeling the pinch of new taxes as well as complying with the ACT for employees – they are reducing employee hours, and or simply not hiring. Never mind the arbitrary rules applied across the board to groups who may or may not want to participate and have an in somewhere in DC

Then you have the GOP –the majority of which were against the bill in the first place, due to a popular rising up against the Bill, who now is faced with an option to defund the program and stop it in its tracks –thereby doing the general public a favor. However, that is something that they are clearly not concerned with more than they are their chances for reelection. The article in Politico headlined GOP feuds over ObamaCare”, sums it up nicely. The Gist: The usual more Libertarian leaning members of the GOP are more concerned with delivery justice that holding onto “power”, while those who are entrenched so deeply in Washington, are more interested in fallacious polling, special interest groups and peer pressure, than doing what would be best for the nation. (Op-ed included with Politico’s article.)

Therefore, what is necessary, but unlikely, is a popular uprising against both Democrat and Republican Senators and Congressional Representatives who end up saddling the nation with this nonsense. The way this is most likely to occur will be through the rising up of individuals vowing to repeal the act, regardless of how much has been invested in the system. Of course, they have to put it into effect to truly understand how widely unpopular universal health care will be across the board – so, to wit, they are still as clueless as the day the signed it in 2009.

The way to defund is simple – Congress holds the keys to the Governments purse strings – this was written into the Constitution in the event some idiots decided to push through legislation that was not in the best interest of the nation as a whole – those in Congress would be able to put the skids on anything like this by simply not paying for it.

Time to pull the plug, and shut down the government – not merely threaten to do so, actually just shut it down – the result: three to four weeks of blissful peace and quiet from those elites who believe they own the nation. (Or are akin to the Prince and Princesses of DC). This has occurred before with outstanding results and little to no harm to the general populace (The harm was in listening to the evening news, interviewing those in the government who were whining heavily.) May some services be interrupted, certainly. Do we really care if some study of blueberries in Maine doesn’t get funded for a few weeks?

To those on both sides of the aisle, who understand this is a purely bad bill, but are concerned that they may not get to be screaming popular should the defund by shutting down the government – grow a pair. If not now, then perhaps, when writing in one’s memoirs of the time they spent in Washington, prior to losing the next election and returning home – they would wish they had.

To those standing up for what is right (and not politically, ethically), especially Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, thank you. The left and the media and those McCain’s of the GOP may be calling you all kinds of names, however, there is a point where being popular with those in DC and the media elite, is not as important as being popular with the people. The aforementioned are the smart guys in DC – they understand how they got there – and anyone smart enough to understand people combined with politics should be admired- The rest of those who don’t, really shouldn’t be in their current positions. Of course this is just the opinion of one person from Massachusetts, who has seen the effect of the Health care law here – where those without the ability to pay for what amounts to the proposed exchanges, either pay the fine as it is less expensive, or get a waiver due to being the working poor. In addition the want ads are chock full of requests for physicians and surgeons in hospitals statewide – no need to be licensed at the moment, just able to get one – there is a growing desperation for caregivers. Therefore fewer insured, the government makes more money from fees (taxes) for noncompliance and individuals find the quality of healthcare less than stellar. It’s sold somewhat differently – however, the reality of this program - bites. This is what has been exported nationwide.

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