Thursday, July 25, 2013

President George H Bush – Acts of Kindness show the Mettle of a Man

Former President George H.W. Bush - image abc news

There is so little “good” or “heartwarming” news one finds on the top of trends, either on-line, in broadcast or print. In general, the daily bombardment of scandal, death, and dirty deeds, is forefront and foremost in the delivery of the news. Therefore, when on reads a heartwarming story, a decent story, it’s worth taking a look. Thus is the case with what has taken place with a former President - Former President George H. Bush, has done, what most would consider a great act of kindness – a 2 year old cancer patient, is the subject of more than a bit of press, due to the eldest Bush shaving his head “in solidarity “with this child. (CBS News). There are great men who do use their positions of power and wealth, to promote causes, and there are others, who, do so quietly and behind the scenes, yet, it is with such a great show of kindness, with an object to bring awareness and raise funds that brings high praise to the man.

To the former President – job well done.

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