Thursday, June 20, 2013

Obama in Ireland – Attacking the Catholic Church – Again – Deems Catholic Schools Cause Division and Suggest Catholic Schools are Racist

One’s Catholic might be ‘up’ – given the news that the President, while in Ireland, decided to unleash on Catholic (religious) education. In a speech in Belfast, Ireland, the President suggested that Catholic Schools are the root cause of the division in Northern Island – apparently holding the belief that the Catholic and Protestant wars in that Island Nation were the direct result of politically motivated Catholic and Protestant Churches, teaching hate in their affiliated schools. (Scottish Catholic Observer)

This quote from Caholic World News, just about sums it up:

US President Barack Obama has argued that parochial schools are an impediment to the establishment of a lasting peace in Northern Ireland.

Speaking to a crowd in Belfast, during a trip to Northern Ireland for a G8 summit meeting, Obama said that “segregated schools” block the path to full reconciliation. “If towns remain divided, if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can't see ourselves in one another, if fear or resentment are allowed to harden, that encourages division, it discourages co-operation," he said.

Apparently, the President has not step foot in a parochial school in the U.S., or he’d be singing a different tune. The classes are not divisive, rather, inclusive of other religions – not unlike the racism of the U.S. during segregation, the Catholic Education System has moved forward – simply put, there is no longer division, only a much better education system. On the other hand, perhaps he wants to ensure every child receives the same substandard education put forth by the union focused public schools in the US.

It was one ball of wax to force Catholic (and by extension other religious entities) to supply abortion to their employees – against the tenants of the church – not satisfied with pushing those buttons, he’s gone onto the Catholic/Religious schools.

Being a bitter Bible clinger of Catholic Identity, it is downright insulting, and reminds one of those lovely European regimes which stamped out all signs of religion except for adoration to the state and one leader. Of course, that’s a stretch. The more probable reasoning would be the fact that the President received the same education as the rest of the public – and therefore is clueless.

There are reasons that parents decide upon a parochial education for their children, and a religious education is one of them, but not the only one. There are moral reasons, as well as the smaller classrooms, and the attention to those who need extra help, as well as to those who excel. There is the ability to challenge students to do their best academically as well as socially, reaching out to the community – not in a divisive manner, rather in one that speaks to the very tenant of Catholic as well as other Christian denominations, community outreach to the poor.

Understanding that the President is looking for a way to connect to his Irish Roots, he might try grabbing a copy of “The Gangs of New York” – which is historically accurate – the problem was definitely political, but had as much to do with power on an individual basis and a collective basis – with religion being a mere backdrop. It is similar to the Presidents constant campaigning – whereby he only uses division rather that inclusion when attempting to achieve any goal he might have in mind.

Perhaps as the blush has come off the rose, so to speak, due to his consistent inability to understand those with whom he has a grave ideological divide - given his poor showing in Germany, and the fact that he attracted less of a crowd there than say at a Tea Party Convention. One might even question his political acumen, given the fact that he is inserting his foot in his mouth at every opportunity, especially when it comes to those who may be religious and actually practice their faith.

That is the way of it in the U.S. – if one professes they have faith, or practice their faith, the “elites” find that concept to be rather pedestrian. It is, of course, a given that those millions of Catholics in the U.S. will dutifully run to the polls, regardless of who may be on the ballot and pull the lever for every Democrat on the card - therefore, the chances that any slur on their faith or their Catholic identity would fall upon deaf ears - (See Gangs of New York). It is best to keep in mind, given the divisive and competitive nature of the variety of faiths In the U.S., that it is not just a “Catholic” Problem; it is a problem for anyone of good faith, regardless of that faith.

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Anonymous said...

Freedom of religion and protection of religious liberty is the conservative mantra. If the democrats are not protecting your rights, vote them out!

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