Monday, June 24, 2013

New Breed of Cat Rises from Montana Feral Cat! – Massachusetts – Go Vote Tomorrow

A selkirk Rex, rises from the Wilds of Montana - pic from the daily mail uk

From the Daily Mail - a new breed of cat has been discovered by scientists – one that, due to a genetic mutation – has a coat that is noted as being either poodle-like and/or sheep like. The fact that the cat has feral origins – may have left a bit of a mystery as to classification – however, it is a gene that is consistent in litters.

I’m a fan of the dog – but all animals fascinate. Most of those of the political nature.

The Political Animal - left Ed Markey - hoping to extend his 37 year career in the U.S. Congress and transfer the next 37 into the U.S.Senate - left- Gabriel Gomez, first time runner for U.S. Senate - favors term limits - moderate Republican in the Massachusetts brand

Tomorrow Massachusetts votes for an interim U.S. Senate Seat – the winner will either has to run again in 2014 and/or bow out – either way – if one lives in Massachusetts, one is eligible to vote, one should vote. I have, in the past few days heard many references to “why should I bother” – this from both sides of the aisle – those on the Republican side, (or independent leaving Republican) – don’t feel their vote would matter given it’s a Democrat state of mind – On the other hand, those voting Democrat are – Demoralized – Markey doesn’t excite and now paying attention to everything in Washington, are laying blame, sometimes without evidence – sometimes with –but with their own party. – This may be the lowest turnout in history – complete due to apathy – so in this case –either way; one vote could make a difference.

This of course, has nothing to do with cats, but, could not resist throwing in a little science.

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