Tuesday, June 25, 2013

IRS – Targeting Political Groups to the Right and to the Left – Progressives On IRS List – They also Protested the Administration!

Image of Progressives in San Francisco protesting against Obama - Article Here at progressive.org

Who knew that Progressive Democrats had more in common that just living in the same city, state or country – they both are now knownto have been targeted by the IRS, according to the Miami Herald. Apparently some Democrats are irate that the agency swayed from its persecution of Conservative Groups and cross the line, politically speaking:

Democrats are unhappy that newly revealed Internal Revenue Service documents show the agency screened for progressive groups seeking tax-exempt status, not just the tea party organizations for which the IRS was already under fire.

Democrats also want to know why the Treasury Department inspector general who investigated IRS targeting of conservative groups didn't mention that terms like "Progressives" and "Healthcare legislation" were on the same lists agency workers used to find applications to review closely.
(Miami Herald)

Perhaps those who felt protected from the long-arm of the Administration and those at the IRS (Where a stunning 95% of the IRS lawyers donated to Obama(Front Page Magazine)), who were targeting those darn Tea Party groups, should have not had the nerve to stage protest against the President!! (CBS News)

One finds the news outlets, in full swing, as the story line is now that the Tea Party is complaining about something that happens to other political groups! – Therefore nothing to see anywhere, move along.(Business Week) – However, it also may be argued that an enemies list used, whereby, either directly or by proxy, against anyone who would naysay the President, may be something a bit more – malignant.

It is one thing to afford the man who holds the Office of the President some respect, but when it comes to adoration, specifically by employees of the government, to the point where some may be abusing the people, right or left of the political spectrum, that pay their salaries, perhaps, just perhaps, there should be a bit broader of an investigation by those in Congress who might wish to tame that arm of the government down a bit – perhaps modernizing to the point where, with everything automated, from filing to processing of payments, refunds and returns, it has become as relevant as the Post Office – except everyone likes the Post Office.

With all seriousness, rather than deflect the Tea Party Narrative of Abuse, what this does in highlight the probability of complicity between the Administration and the Internal Revenue Service. It is more than likely a group of zealots, rather than the man they feel transcends mortality, yet, it is to the point where it is becoming more clear by the day, that a smaller, leaner, Constitutional Federal Government would produce a more effective and efficient and stable United States.

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