Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ed Markey – New Senator from Massachusetts –Wins in Low Turnout Yawner – Despicable Ads Turn Voters Off

The New York Daily News headline says it all Democrat Ed Markey wins John Kerry’s Senate seat”, in a 10 point spread over first-time political office seeker, Gabriel Gomez, who ran as the Republican. Markey, a diehard progressive, will undoubtedly jump on the climate change bandwagon, elected just in time to sing the Al Gore tune with the President.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts will continue as normal – however, one might be cautioned to either ignore and or pay close attention to the Massachusetts race, which Politico dubbed Markey’s win as a sign of things to come in 2014. One must keep in mind that anything that comes out of Massachusetts politics is probably not in the best interest of the rest of the nation. Those masochists who remain out of a sense of family, or in the utopian hope that somehow Massachusetts will miraculously turn into a 50/50 splits state rather than an 80/20 Democrat to Republican ratio (if it is that high), will carry on. When the you-know-what hits the fan, those that supported Gomez will be able to say “told ya so”.

Markey’s win, either by hook or crook, was established before Gomez entered the race; therefore, there is no surprise in the victory. There is zero organization by an opposing political party to the Democrat machine in Massachusetts – yet. Should they feel the need to step out of the usual comfort zone, they might find fertile ground in an election that brought out a historically low voter turnout – Of course, the negative ads run by both campaigns was a major turnoff. Hand it to Gomez, however, as a 10 point deficit might sound huge in say, Texas, but in Massachusetts that a huge showing of support for the other team. There were several smaller precinct cities which swung 60 percent to Gomez, while formerly backing Warren to the hilt. See Town by Town results at AP.opg For example, Chicopee, which went large for Warren, turned on a dime and went for Gomez – this without a Republican Committee – go figure. While Boston, which a smidgen of the vote, helped to push Markey over the top. This leads one to wonder why on earth Politico would use Markey as the front man for the future – if that is the case, one might expect tons of boring politicians running extremely negative ads and a totally demoralized and disgusted electorate in 2014.

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