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MA Special Senate Election – Match-up: Markey vs. Gomez - Youth and Diversity versus the Old Established White – Wait a Second! Gomez is a What?

Compare and Contrast: Ed Markey (Top) and Gabriel Gomez (Bottom) –– image

Something odd happened in the Massachusetts Special Election yesterday, there appears to have been a role reversal in the way one views the status quo of political parties. Normally speaking, the Republican on the ticket is viewed by low information voters (and die-hard progressives, etc.) as the “angry old white man” while the Democrat on the ticket is viewed as the hip, young, diverse “rock star”.

If, against the odds, Mike Sullivan had bested Gabriel Gomez in the Republican Primary, that would have resulted in a match of angry old white man against semi-angry old white man, Ed Markey. If Stephen Lynch had bested Markey, the matchup would have been kindly old-time Democrat against angry old white man. Although Sullivan could hardly be cast in the role of angry, but he is older, and he is definitely white. This nonsense is illustrative – given the fact that the mantra for decades has been that the Democrats are the party of diversity, while the Republican’s are made up of nothing but angry, old, rich, white men. This is taught on campuses, it is seen in the news, it is discussed, ad nauseum on MSNBC, yet there appears to be a flaw in this theory. There has been for eons, as one Senator Rand Paul attempted to point out recently while visiting Howard University, but, was lambasted for bringing up the past of the Republican Party, not the present. There are facts and then, there is propaganda. The facts are that regardless of race, gender or ethnicity, individuals choose a political party by their own ideology, for the most part.

Gomez, is young, attractive, a newcomer to politics (sort-of), a first generation Hispanic American, served the nation in the Navy, went on to become a very successful businessman – in other words, living the American Dream. He is the Republican, so those who are unaware can pick up their jaws off that floor.

Ed Markey, on the other hand, is the old guy, normally hair is somewhat askew, and he appears to be grimacing rather than smiling. One might say he is rich, given the fact that he lives in DC, while maintaining his parent’s home in Massachusetts, though rarely setting food in the state. (Boston Globe) In advertising for the primary against Stephen Lynch, he pushed his NARAL rating, and his love for Planned Parenthood. NARAL rates political leaders on their support for unfettered abortion up to and including terminating a "fetus" that is born alive and breathing. (See the Gosnell Horror Abortion Trial in Philadelphia) (Bucks County Courier) – Markey is for Obamacare, higher taxes and no cuts to the Federal Government. Markey is the Democrat Party of today.

What a conundrum!

Once the ads start, it’s going to be a tough one – as Gomez is well-funded, and Markey has the weight of the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party behind him. The Polls suggest that Markey is the favorite, which, at present may be the case – against all the rules of logic, in the upside down world in which we live in Massachusetts.

One might suggest that Markey is going to have to get a lot of help from his friends come the election in June – this one might take a bit more “ballot stuffing” creativity than previous elections to ensure that Markey goes over the top with a 5 to 10 point finish. If Gomez can get out the vote, and ensure he plasters the state, and guilts those racially sensitive (i.e. racists) Democrats and Democrat leaning Independents (more important) into voting for him – Markey may have a rougher time of it. If this race grabs national attention, and it already has (Gomez has ground troops coming in from other states for the primary –young, college students), then there may be an upset. That’s a long-shot – again – maybe.

This is, in all seriousness, a chance for a first in the Bay State, which elected the first African American to the Senate (a Republican), and now has a chance to elect the state’s first Hispanic to the Senate (where he would join the growing Hispanic Republican Caucus in that august body.) This just became the race to watch.

Election date: June 25th, 2013 - In that election, one may vote for the candidate of their choice - for example, if one is a Democrat, one can go into the booth and vote for the Republican, and vice versa.

Visit: Gomez for Senate

Visit: Ed Markey dot com

Compare and Contrast!

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