Friday, May 03, 2013

Dog-Fighting Trend – “Trunking” – No Depths to Cruelty when it comes to Man’s Best Friend

The Puppies shown above were recovered from a "trunking" suspect - image

From Local 10 Florida: “Animal Services recued a group of dogs believed to have been used for trunking”. “Trunking” by definition is placing two dogs in the trunk of a car and in order for them to fight to the death, once one of the dogs is dead; the “winner” is then locked in the trunk again with another dog. Local News 10 reported that those who participate in this latest “sport” drive around, with music blaring, and then simply pull over the car once the “fight” is over.

There are a few articles online, one dating back to 2011 from WMCTV in Memphis - Police there called it a “disturbing new trend” in dog fighting, and suggested that those participating were mainly young kids, and it was becoming increasingly popular.

The next time you hear loud music from the car next to yours, pay attention. According to Memphis Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Karen Rudolph, the people inside may be committing a crime other than violating a noise ordinance.

"There's other things to look for just than the loud music," she said. "There could be a cover up for the dog fighting, which is called 'trunking.'"

Dog-fighting is a felony, regardless of the circumstances in which the animals are tortured, and the possible gain that the individuals may receive from participating. Dogs, in general, and regardless of breed, are devoted to their owners and will do what it takes to please them. From a personal perspective, one fitting punishment might be to stuff these perpetrators into the truck of a car, with another animal, a little less defenseless than a dog, and see what happens. A large cat perhaps. As a dog owner, it is beyond comprehension that anyone could hurt an animal under any circumstances. It is this type of cruelty that has led to a misconception about specific breeds, mainly pit-bulls and pit-mixes. When going to the local dog park with my dogs (mini-doxy, puggle, and field beagle) they play quite nicely with all breeds, including pit bulls. It goes without saying, that if one were to take a dog of any breed, and place them in a situation such as that described above, the animal would, instinctively fight to save itself.

It is mind-boggling, to say the least, that our youth are so spoiled, mentally and emotionally, that they find this type of “sport” to be acceptable. There have to be several levels of cruelty taking place to allow for this type of scenario. It is our society’s lack of compassion when it comes to the defenseless, children and animals specifically that is at the root of the care-less attitude that allows for this to take place. This calls for moral outrage all the way around.

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