Monday, April 29, 2013

While Additional Persons of Interest are Sought in Boston Terrorist Attack, Poll finds more American’s afraid of Government than Terrorism

From the Chicago Tribune: Additional persons of interest are being sought in connection with the Boston Bombings, and we are asking for a little help from the Russian’s who originally warned the FBI about the family. From Russian wiretaps of conversations between mother and son, it is apparent “Jihad” was part of the family religion (Haaretz). Therefore, to believe that there were only two young men, acting out some sort of personalized action against the U.S., is ludicrous. One has to understand that those who are fanatical followers of a given religion, especially one that exhorts its followers to commit suicide and, while doing so, kill innocent children and civilians, it is both personal and global. As the United States allows immigration in so many forms, from refugees, to “undocumented” (illegal) aliens, those living in the U.S. really have no idea of who their neighbors may be. Or what they might be “cooking” up in the house next door.

What we have is a system that gives the benefit of the doubt, and given the information passed onto the FBI by the Russians regarding the older brother, one interview with him was sufficed to give him a pass. from, might treat it more lightly if there weren’t multiple tips associated with that individual. Therefore, gross misjudgment might be the charge, as well as a healthy dose of political correctness.

Meanwhile in Boston, there is a bit more than anger at the fact that the brothers involved in the bombing were on state assistance, of one form or the other. (Boston Herald). Apparently, refugees or those who are not citizens are able to apply for EBT (food stamps) and state assistance, but should those be denied? Not if the individual is in dire need. It brings into focus the need to go back to an FDR style of welfare – workfare. During the 1930’s, in the deep depression, those who were in need were given food, shelter and a salary for working – building bridges, parks, etc. It gave those on assistance the wherewithal to take care of themselves and their family, with a little pride, while not being given a “free ride” that would have caused a riot. One might think this is what should be happening today, especially in the case of the able bodied who might be a terrorist, hold ebt cards and drive late model cars, while shopping for pressure cookers.

It is not wonder therefore, that a new poll release suggests that more Americans are afraid of the government than they are of terrorists. (Fox News). Of course, it was personal liberty that was highlighted, and the giving up of personal liberties apparently crossed party lines, in the negative. There was also a belief that the U.S. has more to fear from Homegrown terrorists than from those coming in from abroad. What we should have learned from 9/11 was that the world, as we knew it, has changed dramatically, and that we, as citizens in this nation, and of this world, should have real concerns, and remain ever vigilant against those who might want to blow up a restaurant, a mall, a marathon, or a school. Perhaps if the brothers, or more to the point, their parents and a spouse, were seeking aid, were put to work, their perspective may have changed, or, they would have moved to nation where they could live the high life while planning to kill.

Perhaps that type of policy would give the government higher ratings, especially with those taxpayers, and those who are “on the dole” but would prefer to be working.

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