Tuesday, May 07, 2013

MA Special Election Update – Unions Semi-Endorse Markey – Markey “Grassroots” Spooks Neighbors, Land on Police Blotter!

Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez (right) - Gomez has something to smile about - image KTIV News 4 Sioux City IOWA

How special is the Massachusetts Special Election between Ed Markey (Democrat) and Gabriel Gomez (GOP)? Markey manages to continue to deliver headlines that both amaze and amuse. Firstly, the ACLU has endorsed Markey, which is a given (as he is a Democrat), however, it was “grudgingly” – not wholeheartedly, according to the Boston Globe, who’s headline phrased it as politically correctly as possible: “AFLCIO Despite Some Concerns, Endorses Markey for Senate” The concerns arise in the fact that a good percentage of the unions under the AFLCIO Banner supported Lynch in the primary. Lynch was not the Al Gore of Massachusetts, who would, with tons of regulations, and his affinity for Global Warming, cost some unions in the Bay State their jobs.

Markey is making it easier for those union members who just can’t get excited about the Congressman, to perhaps cross a party line and vote for Gabriel Gomez – who actually looks like he worked a day or two in his life, and is most likely in favor of supporting businesses that would have a greater impact on the economy in Massachusetts and beyond – one – the Keystone Pipeline.

One might even go so far as saying, without a gaffe, without so much as sticking his foot in his mouth, by the very nature of his personality and his beliefs, Markey is handing traditional Democrats to Gomez – Scott Brown must be wondering how Gomez could get so bloody lucky!

On the lighter side of campaigning, the Bedford Patch police log has the following reports of “several Ed Markey Campaign Workers

Monday, April 22

10:25 a.m.- The Bedford Police Department received an alarm activation for 386 Davis Road. The responding officers reported an open door to the garage, but no access could be gained to the house. There were no signs of a break in. 1:37 p.m.- An officer responded to reports of a possible solicitor near 100 Old Billerica Road. The officer reported the individual was out seeking votes for Ed Markey, not soliciting.

2:52 p.m.- Police received multiple calls reporting a car crash at 2 Great Road. No one was transported to the hospital with injuries.

3:22 p.m.- Police received a call from 6 Overlook Drive reporting a suspicious black SUV drove up and down the road several times. The responding officer reported the individuals in the vehicle were campaigning.

4:19 p.m.- A caller reported a suspicious individual peeking in the windows at 23 Neillian Way. The responding officer spoke with the individual who reported he was handing out literature for Ed Markey.

One can’t make this stuff up!! How frightening are these campaign workers anyhow? One has to hand it to whoever hired the staff – or fire them – as one normally does not campaign and get votes by peeping through windows. Mace maybe, votes no. The Black SUV cruising by is more reminiscent of drug dealers than enthusiastic voters – what about Markey’s fresh faced younger supporters? Oh, that’s right, with Gomez!

Time to look at the next reliable national poll as June draws closer, and the TV and Radio commercials start. Down by 4 points, with a margin of error of 2-12, out of the gate, (PPP), Gomez appears to have the edge. He is also a relentless campaigner, and one wonders if Markey was up to the task. There was a poll during the primary that pointed out one salient fact: Steve Lynch was the only Democrat that would get the votes necessary to win – Markey lost to everyone in that poll – but the DNC, in its infinite wisdom, became the GOP and pushed Markey along. That may end up costing them a Senate Seat.

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