Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Rick Perry – You can always Count on Him to Shoot from the Hip – Obama to Texas to Talk Job Creation - ROFLO

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, prepares to welcome President Obama - image ksdk

Dallas Morning News: Governor Rick Perry has welcomed President Obama to the State of Texas, and hoped that he would take something from what Texas is doing, and share it with the rest of the country. (Dallas News)

Perry, ever gracious, suggested this in light of the fact that the President was there to talk about creating jobs. Apparently, there is a difference of opinion on how to get that accomplished. On the one hand, you have Perry’s Texas – where the unemployment is low, taxes are low, business is booming, housing is affordable, and everyday there are refugees from California, Massachusetts, Illinois, and similar stats, moving in.

From those that had moved years ago from a state such as Massachusetts, they insist on two things: one, Rick Perry can be Govenor for Life (and they are former Democrats) and two, no way would they return to the northeast or Chicago. The driving force behind this transformation has been the ability to find a job, and the ability to have a home, without breaking the bank. There’s more about Texas that’s attractive, but suffice it to say, those that move there, stay there.

The President has a different philosophy on how to create jobs, and as the slow monthly jobs reports file in, one gets the feeling that 100,000 jobs per month re just not enough to put the twelve million individuals out of a job, back to work – those jobs, are based on “stimulus” and “green Industry” and whatever forward thinking project the President thinks up next. Unfortunately, it’s a slow process, and by the time the unemployment rate is under what it was when Bush left office, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or who knows who else will be the next president. (The similar unemployment rate was the reason Bush was summarily shown the door with declining favorability ratings – of course that has changed a bit since Obama took office, it has helped Gorge W. immensely.)

Therefore it is extremely ironic that the President would go to Texas and taught his job plan, unless of course, those Democrats think that they stand a chance in taking the state of Texas from those gun toting, bible loving, and free spirited Texans. One might suggest hell will freeze over, but the good news for the rest of the country – the more time they spend in trying to overturn Texas in some sort of Progressive Coup, the less time they will have to spend annoying the rest of the country. Thanks in advance to Govenor Rick Perry for keeping them busy!

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