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Massachusetts Special Senate Election – Five Candidates in Primary for Open Senate Seat – Primary Date: April 30th, 2013 – Election: Tuesday, June 25th

Gabriel Gomez, running for U.S. Senate in MA - photo from SF Gate with article and Photo slide show GOP Senate Hopeful Gomez takes to campaign trail

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts will hold a special election to replace former Senator John Kerry on June 25, 2013. There are five candidates that have submitted signatures for the ballot, three Republicans, Gabriel Gomez, Michael Sullivan and Daniel Winslow, and two Democrats, Congressman Ed Markey and Congressman Stephen Lynch. Should either of the Democrat contenders win the Special Election, the event will trigger another special election to replace a U.S. Congressional Representative.

The primary will be held on the 30th of April with the winners of the respective political parties competing in the election on Tuesday, June 25th. The last date to register to vote in this election is June 5th, according to the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s website.

The Candidates in Brief:

Gabriel Gomez, first generation American, former Navy Seal and businessman – non-politician: Website: www.gomezforma.com

Michael Sullivan, former U.S. Attorney.(Boston.com) – No Website

Daniel Winslow,
a Massachusetts State Representative, (view State Profile). – Website: www.danwinslow.com

Stephen Lynch, U.S. Congressman, serving in the Congress since 2001, prior to that he was a State Representative. Voting record in Congress Available at: govtrack.us Campaign Website: www.stephenlynch.com

Ed Markey, U.S. Congressman, serving since 1975. Voting record is available at www.govtrack.us. Campaign website: www.edmarkey.com

News and notes:

wwlp, Springfield, on the candidates expected to make the ballot. (Note: Gabriel Gomez had, up to officially announcing his candidacy, had not spoken to the general media).

However, that has not prevented Gomez to be spotlighted outside of Massachusetts: See: GOP Senate Hopeful Gomez Takes to Campaign Trail" (San Francisco Chronicle)

Ed Markey, according to Facebook ads, is endorsed by Barney Frank.

The Huffington Post on Stephen Lynch and his connection to labor, possibly spoiling Markey’s chances in a primary.

It is anticipated that there will be a low turnout for the primary as well as the Special election.

Of the two parties, preferred matchup would be Gomez, due to his issues, smart press releases, and the fact that the day he announced his candidacy he visited the three key areas of MA. In addition, he’s not an entrenched politician, current politician or former politico, someone with fresh perspective. Plus: his compelling narrative as a first generation of Hispanic descent – and Stephen Lynch, serving less time in the U.S. Congress than Markey, Lynch appears to be more in-touch with Massachusetts (see his narrative on website), and has not made a full-time career (yet) out of government compared to Markey (1975 to present in the U.S. House).

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