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What Happened if You Threw a Crisis and Nobody Came? – Democrat’s Have Difficulties in Pushing New Taxes – Perhaps a Look at Sen. Coburn’s Annual Waste Report might the Democrats find some extra cash.

The Waste Book - Sen. Coburn's 2012 analysis of Waste in Federal Spending - Plenty to Cut here! - See last Paragraphs for link to book - image from The Waste Book Sen. Coburn

The Sequestration – what’s in a name and a crisis? Apparently nothing, according to the Hartford Courant’s, Jim Shea. Shea cites a Pew Research Poll suggesting that a mere 25% of the general public followed the “crisis” at all, Further, Shea blames the entire lack of interest on the name of the crisis itself, perhaps something more “catchy” would have moved the entire populace to cry out against budget cuts.

Then again, when the public is aware that the budget is in Trillions of dollars and the cuts under Sequestration amount to $84 Billion, there might just be some disenchantment as far as any real crisis are concerned. The average American is struggling with the rise in the cost of food, and fuel, and are making cuts to manage – the sympathy for the Federal government just does not exist.

Meanwhile, Politico Reports that the Democrats in Washington D.C. are complaining heavily about those darn Republican’s blocking them from creating any new taxes! Apparently, when John Boehner (Republican, Speaker of the House), agreed to a tax increase during the Fiscal Cliff crisis, the Democrat’s assumed every time a crisis is created, they’d get more money from taxes, either through direct taxation or closing loopholes in the tax structure. That failed to occur; all they got out of the fiscal cliff was two months of spending, and a new tax on retirement savings. They expected to get much more in round two of “Blame the Republican’s" in the Sequestration Crisis - expecting a tax increase in order to insure Washington would go on in its usual state of dysfunction.

The only ones reaping any benefits in D.C. appear to be the the D.C. Comics, who also happen to work for the Federal Government – The Washington Post suggests the punch-lines coming from those who may be forced to take an unpaid day or two per week, are laughing through their tears. (Of course, since their salaries are not based on any standard other than Washington’s, there is little sympathy coming from the rest of the nation. Also note there will be no bonuses for the D.C. Federal employees.)

While the rest of us struggle to cover the cost of hamburger and dutifully pay our taxes (to both the Local, State and Federal Governments), Washington D.C. is lamenting the fact that they can’ add more taxes to the economy. If one lives in a State or Commonwealth who is taxing everything that one can imagine, the Federal Government staking claim on what’s left is starting to wear thin.

Perhaps in their next round of looking for ways to cut (besides the FDA, and other agencies that may or may not be noticed), the elimination of duplicate agencies, or a restructuring of how the Federal Government budgets might be in order. At the present time, budget’s are set for the year per department, if it is not entirely spent, even if they have a few million left over – that department might not receive the same amount the following year. So they spend every last dime.

There is one Senator from Oklahoma, who reports on Federal Government waste, (No Kidding!) “The Waste Book”, by Senator Coburn is available here in pdf at

For Dr. Coburn’s (Senator Coburn’s) take on Sequestration visit his website

Yet, the sky is falling, especially since those Republican’s want to take a mere 80 billion and cut a few programs – one might find a bit more in Coburn’s report.

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