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Update Syria 12 7 12– Assad using Chemical Weapons on his own people (Unconfirmed by U.S. Press), Clinton: events on the ground are accelerating.

What once was a neighborhood in Syria, complete with families, reduced to rubble by the Syrian Regime -image: ipnews

CNN World is reporting that according to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the situation is Syria is getting worse:

"Events on the ground in Syria are accelerating, and we see that in many different ways. The pressure against the regime in and around Damascus seems to be increasing," Clinton said before meeting with Russia's foreign minister and the U.N. special envoy to Syria.

The New York Times adds that the despite the growing concern from the Obama Administration, there is a “shifting” of the position on Syria, which the White House suggests is flatly untrue. Rather that the Times is interpreting the White House use of language incorrectly. The closing paragraph from the New York Times article:

“Mr. Panetta said Thursday that the administration was “very concerned, very concerned” that as the opposition fighters close in on Damascus, the Syrian capital, the Assad government might actually use a chemical weapon. Over the past four decades, Syria has amassed one of the largest undeclared stockpiles of chemicals in the world, including huge supplies of mustard gas, Sarin nerve agent and cyanide, according to unclassified reports by the C.I.A.”

Which leads one to believe that threats by the administration, “veiled” or not, as suggested by the Times, are indeed threats. Telling the Syrian’s that there will be consequences, without be specific about said consequences is enough. The Times, one is certain, would like the details spelled out, as to the exact nature of the consequence, the day, time and exist strategies, etc. It would behoove the Times to recall that President’ Obama’s favorite President was Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, leading up to and during the Civil War, would jail, indefinitely, those newspaper editors that wrote disparaging articles about – Lincoln! Lincoln suspended the constitution – period.

The situation is more precarious as there are several situations in the Middle East, one of which it he Syrian, Turkish conflict, and now, the Syrian Rebels are fighting on two fronts, with the regime and now with the Kurds.. (New York Times)

Meanwhile, in Lebanon the Daily Star is reporting that the U.N. is asking the Palestinians to stay out of the Syrian Conflict. As if the Palestinians will do anything to jeopardize their source of bombs, chemical weapons, etc. - which, the U.N. should be keenly aware come from Syria and Iran – the two power brokers who support the demise of Israel.

Speaking of the land of Persian, which, with the help of former President Jimmy Carter, is now an Insane Islamic State of Iran – best friends with Syria. The Iranian “Press TV” article below treats the current situation (Chemical Weapons for use against the Syrian People, and possibly Turkey, further shipment to said Palestinians for use against Israel and who knows who else.

Iran’s First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi has warned of plots against Syria, saying enemies are exploiting oil resources of Islamic countries to kill Muslims in Syria.

“There is confidence among the people and officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran that the Syrian nation will overcome enemies and the arrogant system and will be the final winner,” Rahimi said in a meeting with Syria’s Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Subhi Ahmad al-Abdullah in Tehran on Thursday.

He expressed Iran’s strong opposition to any foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs, saying Tehran supports the implementation of reforms to resolve the ongoing crisis in the Arab country.

Al-Abdullah, for his part, said the Syrian nation has a resolve to counter enemies and added that Syrians are taking steps in the path of defense for the oppressed people.

The Syrian minister hailed Iran’s stance on support for reforms which are beneficial to Syria’s territorial integrity and the Arab country’s people. Syria has been experiencing unrest since mid-March 2011. Many people, including large numbers of army and security personnel, have been killed in the violence.

Apparently, certain leaders in certain nations have little to no access to what might be happening outside of their borders, or, more to the point, the Iranian’s who use Syria as a proxy in all fights in the Middle East, is posturing, as they continue to accelerate their nuclear capabilities.

Meanwhile: Assad continues to drop phosphorous on the rebels (See Video Below)

The Washington Post Weighs noting that this may or may not be a valid video as it comes from an opposition source. – The Post goes on:

White phosphorus can cause severe chemical burns, and the smoke vapors can cause illness or even death. There also is a risk that white phosphorus residue can poison food stocks or water sources and lead to later poisoning.

Shades of Iran’s Green Revolution in 2009 – when the rebels and protestors spend weeks on Twitter and YouTube, uploading atrocities as they were committed, and the U.S. Media, sat silent, along with the administration. One would bet the house, that the rebels may have a reason to put that info on You Tube for the world to see – they want help. It appears that Assad may already be using chemical weapons against his own people.

The opposition YouTube channel is

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