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Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter – First Tweets December - 12-12-12 – Twitter Handle “Potifex” Confuses “The Masses”. - The Reason and the Translation.

The Pope who visited several nations last year, with the glaring exception of the U.S. - gave a mass in Cuba, calling for religious freedom - the article:The Pope at Mass Calls for Full Religious Freedom in Cuba Image and article at the National Catholic Reporter

CNET headlined “Holy Tweet the Pope Comes to Twitter With @ Pontifex and the rest of the world is waiting for his first official Tweet, which will take place on the twelve of the twelve month of 2012. Several questions, amid the “hate” tweets, have arisen the meaning of the Pope’s handle “Pontifex”. The reason for the confusion is that the word is Latin, a language that is no longer taught in public schools, but reserved for those who are in a private or parochial school. Latin, one of the root languages of all languages allows on to study historical documents as well as lays the foundation for language studies. Of course, the education level in the U.S. is on a par with most third world nations, so it is no wonder that adults who went through the education system in the U.S. after the teachers unions invaded via Philadelphia in the 1970’s know little if anything. (There is a study out of the University of Wisconsin that draws the distinction between that even and the free-fall of test scores over the following years.).

The Latin “Pontifex” translated literally means Bridge Builder. That is something to ponder for the Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church as well as the Head of the Vatican State, a nation in its own right.

Which, as the masses in the U.S.(using their Progressive name, as those who are not Elite, or those that are but have been dummied down to the point where they have no critical thinking skills) are under the impression that anything religious must be dangerous, or derided, or what-have you. The problem lays in the fact that they know of the Pope, however, as an anti-cool, anti-fun individual. They also cannot recognize or do not know the following people: Their State Senator, their state Congressional Rep, the Vice President of the U.S. the Speaker of the House, the Senator Majority Leader , or any number of prominent individuals in the U.S., except for the President. They do know however, every five minute actor or actress or artist that is currently spewing garbage as music or art.

What would they know of the Pope then? The answer is obviously – nothing

What would they know about the significance of the Vatican and its historical archives? – Again, nothing.

Would their brilliant teachers who cannot even pass a test, have taught them that without a monk, Patrick, traveling against all odds across Europe to the further reaches of the Roman Empire, the British Isle’s where he set the impossible task of crafting – the Bible into Latin. That became, besides bits of scribbling on scrolls, the books that defined history and the world’s “enlightenment” through some very dark ages.

One could be completely secular or anti-Catholic for that matter and not fail to appreciate the fact that the center for learning was the Holy Roman Church and without it, man would have taken much longer to get to a point of knowledge where science was even a possibility. This is, of course, Europe, that advanced society so superior to the U.S. (from the progressive point of view).

Therefore it is not unusual for a Head of State to take to Twitter, and considering he is there to build bridges (generally a peaceful approach), and then it is a grand Pope that Catholics enjoy. Pope Benefit VXI, is one that is not without a bit of political wisdom at that. Some of those who are on Twitter “spewing hate’ might be shocked to learn that the United States has an ambassador installed at Vatican City Miquel Diaz, is the Ambassador, which as most of Spanish decent are also Catholic.

The first tweet, to build bridges of understanding , will again, take place on 12-12-12 and to follow Pope Benedict XVI merely go to his Twitter Account” go to https://twitter.com/Potenfix

As to the significance of the Date:
Through the power of the associated gateways held open by the Archangels at the 11:11, a new force of the Christ Consciousness will be made available during the 12:12:12 Activation. The power of this awakening energy enables each person to have the experience of the Christ Light at the moment of the 12:12:12 Coding. Once experienced you will not fall back into old ways, as the Golden Christ Light literally expunges from your being frequencies that no longer serve you. Transformed by Light, the cells awaken to the coding embedded by your soul. This activation has been held in abeyance until the earth consciousness would support mass awakening. Awareness and preparation are key signatures for the transformation available through the Christ Light. That time is Now.... Read More

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