Monday, November 12, 2012

Top Slots Open in January Obama Administration – Massachusetts two Candidates – Deval Patrick and John F. Kerry - Open’s Speculation as to Special Elections

Senator John Kerry & Governor Deval Patrick - Potential spots open in Obama Administration Photo: democratic underground.

Immediately following the election several key officials in the Obama administration have decided to call it quits. This is not unusual in the grander scheme of things, as administrations go into a second term, there are usually those who give one term and go back to the private sector or, head to Iowa. In this case there are several openings that suggest certain Massachusetts Politico’s may be ripe for the positions. The number one slot leaving is Hillary Clinton, the Sectary of State - this was first announced through the Weekly Standard, and the suggestion is that MA. Senator John F. Kerry would be a candidate for the slot. It is no secret in Massachusetts that Kerry has wanted the slot since 2008 –and, as a surrogate for the President throughout the reelection process, he may have an in (if they can forgive the performance in Denver, with Kerry as coach). On Clinton herself, the New York Times is now setting the stage for a 2016 run in what can only be called a fluff piece. Clinton would make a fine choice, all the way around, however, one speculates that she may be too tired at that point. In addition she would have to run against a yet again, energized Conservative base, and depending upon the candidate (say a Marco Rubio – who has already set foot in Iowa), it may be a tough road.

Another leaving the administration is Eric Holder, and although Janet Napolitano’s “name” is being floated, it may be the Governor of the State of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, who get’s that job. Patrick who is a long-time associate of the President and was mentored by chief strategist, David Axelrod, would be a find fit for the position.

Others that are leaving, so far, according to the Washington Post, Defense, Secretary Leon Panetta and White House Senor Advisor David Plouffe

The first two mentioned are of great interest for several reassign. John Kerry has wanted the job, and is just as qualified as anyone else in the Obama administration. This would leave a seat open in the Senate for a multitude of individuals in the Bay State that may aptly fill the bill (more on that).

The second is the office of Attorney General, again, the nations “top cop” would be a great fit for the Governor of Massachusetts. He’s weighed in on many a case and has a mind-set similar to the President. This would set up a second special election in MA to fill the Governors seat.

There are several names being floated as replacements in Massachusetts should this occur, the first that comes to mind is former Senator Scott Brown who was narrowly defeated by Elizabeth Warren – Brown, the most bipartisan senator of the past two years (given his short term) would counteract that very partisan Warren, and at least bring some sense of sanity to the process. As to the Governor’s office: Bill Weld has reportedly moved back to the state, and Charles Baker who had run a tight campaign against the Patrick, who won by one point, with the help of Democrat turned conveniently independent, Tim Cahill , would also fit that bill.

Of course, if the above mentioned are seriously considering running for either of these “projected” vacant seats”, then one might also anticipate, especially in Weld and Brown’s case, sudden invitations by the White house to be Ambassadors of Name a Country out of the way. Of course, that job has a short life expectancy these days. It’s always fun to speculate, but the thoughts that Massachusetts would find some of its key politico’s either in an administration or back in the saddle campaigning for a top slot representing the Bay State, does bring out what all political judies relish: another election!

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