Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel Defends Itself – Hamas Calls Rebuttal to Their Attacks Act of War – Muslim Brotherhood calls on Government to Cut Ties with Israel!

Maps depicting the Before and After Landscape of the 6 Day War - Apparently, not remembered by the aggressors against Israel - image

It was a matter of time before the Israeli Government had to do something to defend itself from the crazies surrounding the State of Israel – so they targeted and eliminated a Hamas Leader, prompting that group of terrorists to call the “assassination” an “Act of War”. (Jerusalem Post) After decades or more of Israel on the receiving end of rockets, and suicide bombers, those perpetrating the insanity cry foul when one of their own fails to “dodge a bullet”. One can expect them to run to the U.N. with skirts tucked between their legs, seeking formal denouncement of Israel. (Literal on both counts). One might have sympathy for the Palestinian people if their leaders didn’t bank billions, and keep their people in a state of abject poverty and continual war with a country they could easily get along with just peachy. The problem lies neither with the Israeli people nor its government, but with the never-ending quest to annihilate those non-believers by the crazed Palestinians. Israel has shown amazing restraint thus far, and one must anticipate that being a “punching” bag for so long may have unintended consequences of a reaction.

The usual suspects have weighed in from Iran to Syria however, the Obama administration has offered its support to Israel – and immediately – not weeks or months later. Perhaps the most ridiculous item to date from this conflict is the call from the Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt’s leadership to break diplomatic ties with Israel The U.K Guardian reported on the call by the group that is currently running the country of Egypt. – The Irony.

Suffice it to say, that while these Islamist nations were so buy teaching children how to become Jihadist or suicide bombers, or both, they neglected to teach them the history of their relationship with Israel and the Six Day War. To simplify - The PLO was formed in 1963, and as a result of continual harassment by said group and surrounding “Arab” states, culminating in an attack on Jerusalem in June of 1967, the State of Israel fought back – indeed, in six days, the Israeli military (IDF) managed to conquer their neighbors, and increase the size of Israel.(

This underscores the stupidity of fanaticism. It is true that civilians on both sides suffer, however, if one could send a message to those who prefer suicide and annihilation of the Jewish State that it is simply not going to happen, and most likely they and their people will suffer, may go a lot further towards a peace process if those groups (from college professors to government officials worldwide) would be a little less outraged in their anti-Semitism and be honest with those people they are feeling so sorry for. It’s doubtful as the dummying down of the educational system has a cost, critical thinking is at an all time low – therefore the concept of actually playing by the rules, teaching one’s children not to blow themselves up in the name of Mullah Mouse, etc. etc., ad nauseum, then extending an olive branch, would go a long way towards –actual peace.

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