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Why Is Staten Island and New York in general – forgotten? The Shame of the New York City and State Administration – The grief, the neglect and the Looting continues.

Fox News Staten Island Fends for Itself - November 8th, 2012

New Yorkers, especially those in Staten Island, continue to try and survive a hurricane that struck the east coast on October 29 – life and property were destroyed, and the largest City in our nation had been disabled. The problem is that many Burroughs are still without adequate resources, and although the “establishment news” suggests that all is going along swimmingly – the simple fact is there is much to be done. Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg imposed Gasoline rationing: His rational:

New York City and Long Island will institute gas rationing starting tomorrow, officials announced, to help ease long gas-station lines, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

The new rules will allow cars to fuel up, only if the last number of the license plate matches the day's date.

"This is designed to let everybody have a fair a chance [to buy gas so] lines [are not] too oppressive," Mayor Bloomberg said

"But we have to do something and this is something that is practical and enforceable and understandable."

He added: "Doing something is a lot better than doing nothing."
(New York Post)

The question is this, with streets clear and power on, 250,000 fewer cars (destroy), and interstate access to the City – why isn’t there sufficient gasoline for New Yorkers? Nearby States such as Massachusetts, which has little to no impact from Sandy (comparably), sees plenty of gasoline and prices dropping. Less than a 2 and a half hour drive south, New York City must ration gas?

The incompetence of the entire government in New York – from the Mayor’s office to the Governor’s mansion in not directly dealing with the situation, is evident in some news reports.

As residents are homeless and some are being evicted from homes deemed unsafe by FEMA, as the Nor’easter approached - FEMA shut its doors and went home for the night. (NY Post)

Looting remains rampant in some Burroughs, as those who have not, and the mentality that they are owed by everyone –are being met by resident who are defending themselves as of yesterday – there is chaos in the City (CBS Local)

The Governor, sitting in Albany, has at least fired his chief of NY Emergency Management for having crews remove trees from his yard first during the height of the storm, but those inside affected Burroughs have heard nothing from their state government and with FEMA in place are not overly trusting of their federal government.

Staten Island has been left to fend for itself – the reporting from Fox News (Here), is astounding - these reports (as those who feel Fox is the equivalent of the Anti-Christ in News) are video’s shot and reports by those living the nightmare that is Sandy. They are calling Fox because they are getting “no attention” from the State Media.

The New Yorkers, fed up with the State and Federal response, therefore, are trying to help themselves – see this article here in Jewish Weekly

What are we hearing about New York and Staten Island from the “press”? - Obama Wins, in photo finish on Staten Island.

That’s what apparently is important to the news organizations. Which makes one wonder why, with a disaster that is economically and humanly worse than that of Katrina (give both those affected, and the dollar amount placed on the recovery in several states), where is the outrage, the daily call from all news networks for assistance for those on Staten Island and other Burroughs that are freezing, hungry and now homeless – two full weeks after the event. With the criticism over the Bush Administration’s handling of Katrina, one might assume those who’s fingers were pointed at then President Bush for failures that did not exist, (given the Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans were incompetent and blocked the Federal Government in a power struggle for days.) that those same ivory tower incompetents would have found out a way to deliver aid faster, move mountains quicker to get, at the least, basics to those affected – blankets, food, temporary shelters.

Of course, there was a campaign to run and to win, and one photo opp in the State of New Jersey, was all it took to start singing Khum-bay-yah while New Yorkers froze, went hungry and had the need to protect what was left of their homes – alone.

No outrage? Yes, there is outrage, and it’s in New York, and it is Growing in leaps and bounds.

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