Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Video Caught On Camera Telling the Truth!! Hidden Camera Catches Off the Cuff Remarks at Fundraiser. Gallup: 67% of Dems Want More!

GOP Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney was taped while speaking at a private fundraiser back in May of 2011. His remarks were in a Q&A style, addressing concerns of potential diners as to Romney’s potential as a contender for the White House. The tape was released yesterday by the left-leaning, Mother Jones magazine. In this “hidden camera” tape, Romney speaks to the audience about his campaign strategy and which voters he will win over, and those he will not - it is evident that this is what is taking place in the video (even though it was cut to a smart 30 second clip). The New York Times offers a take on this as “Romney Faults Those Dependent on Government” leading with:

”During a private reception with wealthy donors this year, Mitt Romney described almost half of Americans as “people who pay no income tax” and are “dependent upon government.” Those voters, he said, would probably support President Obama because they believe they are “victims” who are “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.”

Nowhere in the taped remarks does Mitt Romney "fault" anyone.

Of course, the opening paragraph is close to what Romney said, and Romney is correct in his video remarks, the media and Mother Jones think it’s shocking that Romney’s campaign believes that he will appeal to Republicans! It is shocking that the campaign would focus their attention on independents! It is shocking that the campaign would not go overboard trying to attract those individuals who would automatically vote Democrat. In speaking of automatic Obama voters, Romney points out that 47% of the nation pays no taxes and is dependent upon the government – citing these individuals as the Obama base. Of course, it’s a bit broader than that, but not by much.

According to a new Gallup Poll 67% of Democrats do not believe the government is doing enough! When one thinks of those who are most likely the partisan Obama voters, one thinks of those who rely on the government in some way, shape or form, specifically public employee union members and organizers, those individuals who are generational welfare recipients, and those who are going to vote for a Democrat, no matter what, due to blind partisanship.

On the flip side, one has the generic Republican voter who will vote for a Republican no matter what, those that are in the military, those that are the middle income taxpayers, those that are concerned about the economy, and those that are big on individual liberty rather than government intervention.

Then you have those moderates, who are concerned with helping others, but not to the point where one is given and EBT card that offers free tattoos (Massachusetts EBT, no kidding), those who feel that the economy is in tatters and that JFK and Reagan using tax cuts as a means to jump start the economy, were right, those that are concerned about Middle East policy and will vote for a Democrat or Republican, depending upon who that individual feels is most like to “fix” the situation. Those are the moderate and independent voters who swing elections. That’s this opinion of course, based on polls, and statistics available through a simple Google search.
So, Romney is caught on camera, telling the truth about who is going to vote for whom. Shocking!

See the full video on You Tube here at Mother Jones You Tube Channel which has received 338 views – so help them out!

Meanwhile, what you will see is a smart and savvy campaigner who understands his base, the middle, the way the economy will react, and get this: Romney’s remarks will not appeal to the Obama base, it will automatically appeal to the Romney base, and the moderate or independent? One has to guess these are the smart voters who are not taken in by the constant hype of any campaign, but reality – and Romney is speaking directly to the moderate who might vote either way, who might just find his remarks to be not only “off-the-cuff” but, grounded in reality. This was not a slam at Obama’s base, but a strategy of which voter Romney felt he would appeal.

Go figure. Every campaign has their supporters:

Classic 2008 campaign clip: “Now I don’t have to worry about paying for…”

The flip side: Welfare Fraud (Short Documentary) “It’s free money!” (Talking to the Middle)

A sensible response to the entitlement program by an average American! – Talking about limits!! And Tax Credit Limits!!!

Consider that President Obama’s Administration has waived the work requirement for welfare recipients (the claim is they tweaked the current law, not gutted the law), especially during an election year cycle, it does, intentionally or not, appear that the Campaign is attempting to solidify its base – i.e. those who feel that the government should do more.

In short, both President Obama and Mitt Romney need to appeal to their base, both need to appeal to the independent voter – both will most likely loose voters to the other candidate, or alienate voters who will stay home rather than vote at all. That said, although many may claim that the polls are extremely close, and that likeability is a factor, will vote with their pocketbooks, and whether or not they “like” a guy (or a woman for that matter), it is the one who is perceived as most competent that will rule the day.

This non-story will be a huge story for the next three days – while the Middle East is burning, while the Libyan President specifically stated that the the murder of our U.S. Ambassador was premeditated, and that it had nothing to do with a stupid movie - the strategy form the White House and its campaign supporter will be to ignore, deflect, and hope that the American Public finds Mitt Romney, telling the truth news! Those 50% of American’s working extra hours; extra jobs to make ends meet, might just miss it entirely, or agree with Romney if they do manage to catch the clip. This is not a “gotcha” moment, no matter how one slices it – the left will eat it up, and the middle? It’s: Nothing to see here, move along.

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