Friday, September 21, 2012

Brown-Coakley MA Senate Debate – Brown Wins Round 1 – Specific on Issues, Warren Lackluster first Debate Performance

Warren and Brown at First Debate - Image:

The Scott Brown – Elizabeth Warren debate was held last night via a local CBS Boston and broadcast on their sister radio station, WBZ News Radio. – Brown was straight forward in his answers, and went after Warren’s character – the issue which will not go away – Warren’s claims to be a Native American and the use of those claims in her applications to universities, as well as her application to teach at Harvard, which landed her a six figure, part-time job.

Brown continued to be his usual straight-forward self, and Warren was carrying the water, very carefully for the left, she has a very difficult time trying to sound “independent”, while Brown has his record upon which to rest as well as a personality that is independent. In this opinion Brown won based on his ability to directly answer questions, rather than side-step issues as Warren appeared to do. The full debate is available in video below in two parts.

The Debate was polled immediately: via Kimball Political Consulting: with Republicans and Independents giving Brown the win, by a margin of 61%, 62% of Democrats surveyed felt that Warren won the debate (Marginals and cross tabs here) . If Brown is attracting 61% of unenrolleds, 82% of Republican’s and Warren is only pulling 62% of Democrats in this debate performance, perhaps Harry Reed should have kept Brown in the Senate!

Reid shut down the Senate on Thursday to “force Brown into debating Warren”. Careful what one wishes for Senator Reid - Or perhaps Reid would prefer Brown to Warren in the Senate – what Warren offers is a reliable Democrat vote, while Brown, will be non-partisan, as his record indicates.

For anyone interested in working with the Brown Campaign at one of their 10 field locations visit: click on the pins on the map in your city, and contact and address information is given.

Debate Part 1

Debate Part II

Audio Version

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