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Trump Endorses Mitt Romney – Let the Panic, Punch Lines and Punditry Begin - Analysis

Trump Endorses Romney - The "Thrill is lacking" - image

From the Boston Globe: Donald Trump, Real Estate mogul, and reality television star has backed a GOP Candidate – the new American Idol, one Mitt Romney. Romney appeared somewhat “befuddled” during his endorsement by Trump in Las Vegas, according to the Boston Globe. That’s one version – there are several – over on the far left - Mother Jones speculates that the real reason Trump endorsed Romney was political in nature, that Romney needed a Trump endorsement instead of that endorsement going to Gingrich – in a tea-party infused vote-getting scheme, that also involved Trump holding Romney’s hand in public.. One can find articles outlining how Romney bought the endorsement, which makes little sense considering the wealth on both sides of this “deal”.

Endorsements, as far as they go, give publicity to both parties, unless of course, the endorsee has no access to airtime, or is in essence only known in a small circle – for example the endorsement of a private citizen, is, to this mind, of more import that that of a Hollywood Star or Television Star, musician, athlete, or the everyday endorsement on finds from the Media for either the President or Mitt Romney – depending on the outlet. It is a manner in which both parties get attention, and most publicists will note that any publicity is good publicity.

But what about Trump and his conservative credentials – are they more “tea-party” or “Republican Party”? It’s hard to tell from this perspective, one might say neither – and be closer to the truth – As a self-made man, who has done well is real-estate despite his personal ups and downs, perhaps Trump understands Romney better than perhaps the more intellectual Gingrich or the very balanced Santorum, and as a stated Republican/Tea Party kind of guy – the Libertarian, Ron Paul.

Trump’s endorsement will be talked about for the next 48 hours, or perhaps less, as Romney at present seems to be filling the need for the media’s feed of a main and central national Character. Although pushed by the right media (Fox News and the Drudgereport – especially), Mitt Romney has had problems generating enthusiasm above polite clapping – however, the left jumped in, especially when it appeared on Newt Gingrich might actually run over the GOP’s pre-ordained candidate, Mitt Romney. Trump, who is a frequent guest on Fox News, and from local New England talk host, Howie Carr, plays golf with Rush Limbaugh. Perhaps Trump is more a part of the “mainstream” Republican machine than first thought – and should Romney win the nomination, and then of course, the Presidency (anyone who believes that this race is winnable by the current President lacks a clear senses of history and a dose of reality: inflation, increased unemployment figures, and personal income, across all spectrums, especially the poor and middle class, and his record), perhaps Trump (as suggested and most sanely)would be in line for a new gig, say Ambassador to China.

How likely is that to happen? Not at all likely – considering the fact that Romney is a businessman, and as such, he does know how to make “deals” – and since he is actually a hybrid (politician and businessman) one can best be sure that he will make promises to win endorsements and support, and when it comes time to get down to business, chose who he feels is the best fit for the “job at hand” – the old saying: “S—t rolls uphill” refers to the top of the Corporate heap, when a staff runs amok and bad things happen, well, the guy at the top suffers and generally – is fired. Romney, and this is Massachusetts “lore” (i.e. rumor as there is only hear-say), has been known to promise the moon and the stars to those who will help him achieve a goal, like the Governorship of Massachusetts, and then completely forget that promise once elected. Apparently, this leaves a lot of resentment on the floor, but overall, those individuals recover and become - opponents, or if rank and file Massachusetts Republicans get back in line and support whoever they are told to support.

It goes without saying the endorsement was odd, considering that Romney has appeared to shun “the Donald” at every step, and he did appear very uncomfortable in accepting the endorsement from Trump, but for that matter, so did Trump – he lacked the enthusiasm one might except from a Trump endorsement.

The GOP race for the nomination continues this weekend in Nevada where Romney is expected to win handily – given the fact that he has had an organization in place – and that’s the key – follow the Establishment GOP Logic, and one finds a pattern that makes some wonder why bother to vote?

The Reality

There are always a batch of GOP approved candidates and one of those is a favorite (regardless of electability), and so, the guy that comes in second or perhaps even third, (if the guy that comes in second is...less than acceptable by the elite corp), that candidate then becomes a cheerleader, and in four years or eight, is on the stump and yes, before the party begins, is touted as the front-runner – (See Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain, and now Romney – just for fun.) The main point that is never mentioned is that they are all, to a man (and or to a woman, if there were one who had gotten into the race, or done well enough to stay in the race) Republicans. For better or for worse, they are "Party animals", just like their Democrat counterparts.

Should Romney get the nomination, then it will be for some, a choice between Obama Lite and Obama, and, truth be told, people who hold doubts about the former Massachusetts Governor, even those in Massachusetts who would prefer that Ron Paul be the nominee (and there are more than a few of those), will hold their nose and vote for – Romney. In this season of “anyone can beat Obama” should be a shoe-in; even if there is a third party candidate from which to choose.

That said this nomination process is not over, and that is a good thing – for entertainment purposes, for the country – especially – as long as Gingrich, Santorum and Paul remain in the race. This is true, should the aforementioned amass delegates in those 26 proportional states, then the contest remains anyone’s ballgame until someone reaches 1100 delegates, and that’s a ways off. This shines the light on the candidates and their ideas far longer than the Obama campaign would like – strategically it is sound – and sound strategy that goes against GOP logic. Therefore, a week after Super Tuesday and the settling of the dust, so to speak, the calls for this one or that one to get out of the race will begin (a la McCain and Huckabee).

The closest to a second place at this point is one Newt Gingrich, who is much maligned by the press and the Romney Campaign, and the GOP, and anyone who could possibly be considered establishment, with only 5 states weighing in by the weekend, it is still too early in this game to crown a winner – (although both candidates would prefer that the case) – So, grab the popcorn, and sit back and enjoy the ideas that will be bandied about and especially the hysteria from the left, and the most important thing to be assured of is this: no matter which one of the candidates wins the nomination, and despite the rhetoric from the RNC that they will choose a candidate if their choice is not brought to the convention on say, the popular vote, those who fought hard and long and lost, will come back as fierce proponents of the nominee – then begin their careers as either talk show hosts for Fox News, or perhaps earn a post in the administration, or, wait eight years, (in the case of the very young Santorum, who is the most appealing candidate at this point – from an anti-Romney point of view), and run as the “anointed” one. The problem both Gingrich and Santorum both have is they have both bucked the Republican system, Gingrich to the point of causing much chagrin and gnashing of teeth and blatantly false accusations and rhetoric from those who know him well – because – when all is said and done, the head of the free world is also the titular head of the party that brought him to the table.

Therefore, the Trump endorsement will mean little in a week or two, as so many endorsement do, what will matter is how strong those Conservatives, the base, react in this election, and one can bet the house, they are not going down the road of concession anytime soon. Newt and Santorum, therefore, (or one of them) will be with us through June, when the primary season ends – and that will make their job, as party cheerleaders (following the common wisdom that it must be Romney, will be Romney, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it being Romney), will be to bring the base to its senses and get them out to vote.

Of course, one cannot forget South Carolina and its predictive primary nature. It is a case where anything can happen, and yes, (no tin foil here – only pragmatism), Gingrich may well rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of Romney’s PAC’s assaults, and the myriad sources of irritation, and win the nomination outright – Romney may be in “safe” territory now, but on Super Tuesday, the shakeout will begin, and should he fail to sweep on Super Tuesday, especially in battleground states, then it will be anyone’s (well, the guy with the most delegates) at that point game. Call this blogger crazy, but on several points, Gingrich is the better candidate, intellectually, in the debate arena, and in the ability to appeal to both spectrums, in spite of the media, and in spite of the negative ads – there is a genuineness about the man, as there is about Rick Santorum, (someone who is given little credence, and who should be watched closely, as he has substance.) Gingrich also knows how to bully both parties into doing what needs to be done, a quality that one finds, to date, lacking in one Mitt Romney. Romney is, to this mind, the appeaser, one who would enter the White House with good looks, and the perfect agenda, and then sit right down with Harry Reid and negotiate something that would appeal to both parties, rather than actually be what the country needs. Perhaps he has changed, and does so daily, but one gets the impression that what the nation needs is someone who could care less about what either Party wants, but what is necessary to put the House in Order – and that’s with or without

Trumps endorsement – which, one has to believe was given based on the hard line Romney has taken with China - a favorite target of Trump is the reason that is the beginning and end of the “why Romney” endorsement.

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