Sunday, January 29, 2012

Florida Attorney General Applauds Romney Care? Plans on Being on Romney's Health Care Advisory Board - Red Flag!

The Florida Attorney General, in an interview with Fox News' "On The Record" (video below) compared Romney's Health Care Plan to Obama's and was extremely favorable about the plan - Frankly, it is hoped that the AG was not referring to the current Massachusetts Health Care Plan as the model - if she was, that's a problem - it is exactly the model for "Obama-care" - and with all due respect:

The Massachusetts Model takes up the majority of the budget (see the Mass 2011 Health Care Budget - and costs for health care reform (Commonwealth Care) at $1,781,800,000).

Taxes have been raised to cover the costs of "Romneycare" - ( See 25% Sales Tax Increase), and the Commonwealth lost population to the point where a Congressional seat was lost (in the silver lining column, Barney Frank did resign due to the redistricting.)

If one cannot afford Health Insurance in Massachusetts, one if forced to pay a fine (for a married couple who does not have health insurance that amounts to a fine comparable to a per month charge for a Commonwealth Care Plan - payable directly to the Massachusetts DOR) - it is less expensive to pay a fine in some instances than to purchase health insurance in Massachusetts. Massachusetts has a choice of three carriers, plus "Commonwealth Care" - which is run by the Commonwealth (or the State) - the costs and demand has been so high, they are no longer accepting new enrollee's. Also, it offers excemtpions if one cannot afford either the State Health Insurance or their Employers Health Insurance, leaving those families uninsured - and one can bet it is more than 2 percent of the population.

If this AG is referring to Mitt Romney's version of Mandated State Health Care - she's drinking Koolaid, or has been promised a position with a hefty bonus.

It has driven doctors out of the business (before this bloggers family doctor quit his practice, he spoke to the fact that between malpractice insurance and the costs of the Mandate, he could not longer afford to practice in the Commonwealth), and patient wait time is ridiculous.

A good health insurance program would allow more carriers to compete - Massachusetts did the smart thing when they opened the borders to Auto Insurance, and as a result, premiums were drastically reduced - however, that did not happen under Mitt Romney's watch.

Hopefully, Fox got it's heading on the video below dead wrong, otherwise, what this woman is suggesting is in way way, shape or form, a conservative ideal - although, to this point of view, Romney was never a conservative, as a moderate, he's to the left ideologically speaking (or as he governed). If not, and the good people of the State of Florida have several choices, and at this point, Newt Gingrich, Rick Sanotorum and Ron Paul are all better choices than the man who literally gave us Obamacare.

Video from You tube: Heading is correct if the Fox Sub-headings are to be taken literally

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