Monday, February 28, 2011

Massachusetts Conservative Talk Radio - The Wesley & Westen Review, WRCN AM - Worcester, MA, - February 26, 2009

Tom Wesley and John Weston at WRCNAM 830 AM have a lively conservative talk format, which streams live from WCRN AM – Worcester, MA on Saturday mornings beginning at 6 AM, EST. Tom Wesley, a veteran and businessman, ran for the MA2 Congressional District seat against incumbent Richard Neal in the 2010 mid-terms. A candidate Q&A which can be found here gives insight into the man and his strength as a candidate.

Although Richard Neal was returned to Congress, Wesley ran a outstanding race against a entrenched 16 term Democrat - Wesley, on a limited budget, belied the projections of the New York Times, who projected Wesley would receive 25% of the vote in the district. Wesley, not unlike the 8 other challengers to the Massachusetts Democrat Congressional Caucus forced these members of the U.S. Congress to campaign hard, and garnered over 40% of the vote in this heated Mid-Term election. (NYTimes) Although one might pooh-pooh this type of margin as insignificant, it is the fact that those Congressman who had enviable cash on hand, were forced to defend their own districts, many for the first time in decades, if at all. These Massachusetts candidates, who proved there is more than a half-hearted conservative awaking in in Bay State, played no small part in the stunning defeat of incumbent Democrats nationwide, by pulling this much needed Democrat campaign cash into the Bay State and away from others. A note: The momentum from 2010 has not abated.

This author was asked to be a guest on the Wesley and Weston Review this past Saturday, topics ranged from the tone of the media, to the 2012 outlook, a link to the weekly broadcasts, with a commentary from Tom Wesley, can be found here at Tom It is a fast-paced, engaging show, well worth tuning in on Saturday mornings.

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