Monday, February 28, 2011

2012 Roundup – Huckabee’s Hints of run more apparent, of Run in Iowa, Romney Get Praise from Deval Patrick, Palin Heads to India

As 2012 GOP candidates (officially unannounced) are put under a microscope by those in the media waiting for a confirmation of “will they or won’t they” throw their “hat” into the 2012 Presidential contest ring, at least three are making national headlines, and in key preliminary states, local headlines, in the hopes of drawing a conclusion that all or one of the top three (Romney, Huckabee, Palin) will make an announcement sooner than later.

Romney, who is polling in the top three at Public Policy Polling was recently praised by Massachusetts Govenor Deval Patrick for initiating mandated health care in Massachustts. (Boston Herald) Although Romney’s original vision for health care coverage in the Bay State somehow morphed into a billion dollar state deficit fiasco which was exported nationwide - this was after Romney had left office to pursue the 2008 Presidential nomination. What is interesting is that Patrick, who was headed to Washington to sing the praises of the program (which may be why he invoked the name of Romney considering the new makeup of the House and Senate), will have a hard sell, given the fact that the state went mandate crazy, the plan borrows from the Fed, and the costs of insurance premiums (private pay) have had two consecutive years of increases, some over 11% per year. Some political analysts (beltway) believe that “Romney Care”, will be the deterrent to the former Massachustts Govenor gaining the nomination. (Note: Romney has yet to declare)

Mike Huckabee is on his pre-presidential announcement book tour, from the Dubuque, Iowa Herald ” To shouts of "Mike in 2012!" former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee graciously acknowledged hundreds of energetic supporters Sunday in Dubuque”……. "I'd definitely like him to run because he listens to people and understands the importance of having both social and fiscal conservatism," said Donna Teubert of South Beloit, Ill.
To her and the crowd of loyal fans who came from Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin to see him, Huckabee said, "I'm telling (supporters who ask) that I'm seriously considering running. I'm watching the response to my book, which lays it all out so people will know what I stand for."

Huckabee, kicked off his campaign in 2008 after a book tour that took him into similar primary territory. Perhaps of more interest, on his Fox Sunday Show, Huckabee’s guests included both an African American clergy and a Hispanic Evangelic and their take of the Defense of Marriage Act. Huckabee, it should be noted, was listening intently to every word – what was especially interesting was the common ground found between the three. Although acting as a host and commentator, this arena allows Huckabee access to, what amounts to political intelligence for the 2012 general?

Sarah Palin, who is heading to India drew this headline from the New York Sun: “Palin Will Draw a Contrast With Obama in Her Visit Next Month to India”, which is refreshing considering the majority of the press is either focused on which shoes she’s wearing or her comments on breast milk and Michelle Obama. What is interesting in this particular instance is that when Palin makes an obvious inroad into the 2012 territory (see her trip to the Long Island Business Association in February), and receives half-hearted positive press from the New York Times, no less, the next three weeks are dedicated to leopard shoes in an attempt to marginalize her credentials.

One has to hand it to those millions of journalist who apparently have to go to the feminist side of any given candidate to be able to find criticism significant enough to call it “newsworthy”. From Hillary Clinton’s Hairclip to Palin’s Leopard Shoes, one has to wonder: What fashion faux pax might President Obama, (goes to Clinton), Huckabee and or Romney make, in the news press ongoing interest in fashion and politics. Would not these journalists fare better in say Vogue rather than in the local daily news?

Suffice it to say, the three at the top of the “anticipated” GOP Presidential nominee food chain, are moving in the direction of a decision at some point in the near future. In the meantime, the speculation and attacks will continue, until the actual announcement are made, and then, one can anticipate that, in the face of dismal poll numbers for the President, they will increase 100 fold, or one will rise above the others and be treated more “fairly,” should the writing on the wall be so obvious to all, that those who report, to sway you to decide, might pick the one candidate “they can live with” (actual quote from actual liberal). Money right now is on Mike Huckabee.

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