Friday, May 21, 2010

CT – Democrat Senate Candidate, Richard Blumenthal – More Lies Surface, Congressional Democrats Support At Any Cost – All Up for Re-election in 2010

Blumenthal - Pathalogical Defense Possible? Photo

As Richard Blumenthal’s outright lies regarding his service in Viet Nam begin to pile up, Connecticut Congressional Representatives ramped up support, casting blame on his Republican opponent, Linda McMahon, noting a political attack. However, the reality of playing partisan, in the face of increasing evidence of instances in which Blumenthal has stated he served in Viet Nam, when he did not, may end up tainting those who are up for reelection, including Democratic Reps. Jim Himes, John Larson, Chris Murphy, Rosa DeLauro and Joe Courtney who also voted in for Health Care Reform.

The plan, apparently, is to hold onto Chris Dodd’s Senate Seat (otherwise known as the Seat belonging to the citizens of the State of Connecticut), so standing by Blumenthal is apparently the thing to do when faced with the possibility of a Republican taking a Senate Seat, which may, in the long-run cost the Party of Tax and Spend, its majority and put a halt to the current deficit party now going on in Washington.
The Hartford Courant">) has a parcel of articles, supporting the fact that Blumenthal appears to be a serial liar, right down to a report that surfaced where he had claimed to be the Captain of the Harvard Swim Team, despite his inability to swim.

Apparently, when the public is not thrilled with the party in power, those who are associated either pretend to be Republicans (see race in the PA 12th where Democrat Mark Critz won handily by supporting core Republican principals and only skipping off to fundraisers with Nancy Pelosi, when the Pennsylvania Press was asleep.) or they lie, about anything, and the end result has seen Democrats in office for years, many of whom should have faced criminal charges (See Charles Rangel NY).

Perhaps it is not so much anti-incumbent fever that has spread nationwide, rather disgust for those who mislead the American public and those who support them in partisan fashion so intense, it defies explanation. One has to, in the final analysis, understand that those we send to Washington to do our bidding, are human, after all, and subject to the temptations of life in the big city, that said, when an entire party supports corruption in every corner and for decades, the rest of the nation begins to look a lot like Beacon Hill and Chicago. It is what has happened, and that is regardless of party, to those incumbents who feel it is expedient to go along with Washington, while ignoring the wishes of their constituents, to lie about mundane things such as swim teams, or more egregiously, to lie about service to the nation, tax returns, prostitution rings run out of one’s own home, and expect to stay in office for decades, or as the past has proven kind to liars, crooks and thieves, run a Senate campaign based on fallacy – When will the voting public finally have enough? 2010 and 2012 will prove to be the litmus test for those who feel they can fool the people all of the time.

Therefore, those Connecticut Congressmen who have voiced their support for Blumenthal, have handed ammunition to Mark Zydanowicz, running against, Larson, Matthew Moulton Daly running against Courtney in the 2nd, Dan Debicella, and multiple challengers running against Himes, and Mark Daniel Greesnsburg running against Murphy in the 5th. A review of the last quarter filings with the FEC, shows the Republicans gained financial traction, prior to their support of Blumenthal. One would suspect it will be a long summer for those who both voted for health care reform, and supported an extremely flawed candidate.

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