Thursday, May 07, 2009

Nevada Democrat Secretary of State Files Voter Fraud Charges against Acorn

ACORN, a community organization group which has close ties to the Obama administration, and currently receives Federal Aid, has been charged with voter fraud in the State of Nevada.. Nevada Secretary of State, Ross Miller, a Democrat, filed the charges, which include 26 counts of voter fraud, and 13 counts of compensating those who register voters. Acorn, now being referred to in some press circles (AP) as a “political advocacy group”, has, of course, denied any attempt at fraud.

Why Nevada? Harry Reid, who is enjoying rock bottom poll numbers in Nevada, let alone nationwide, where his favorability rating stands at 29%” is up for re-election in 2010. The Left of Center, Reid, may need more than a little help from friends like
ACORN, in order to maintain his seat. Unfortunately, for Harry, the story line from Las Vegas is one of derision apparently, in one Las Vegas Review Journal Op-Ed piece, the "39" counts of Fraud against ACRON in Nevada resulted in a minimal gain for the Democrat Party in overall votes.

Several things are certain with this particular “Community Voter Activist Group”, they support the DNC while taking Tax Payer Dollars (and campaign dollars from Democrats) in order to register as many one-party voters as possible, whether they be a cartoon character, dead or alive. Additionally, in every state where a recent election was held (see special elections), ACORN had fingerprints in the outcome. The most recent, the New York 20th Congressional special election which was won in a squeaker by a Democrat in a heavy Republican district. No calls for investigations into any possible voter fraud have come to light in that particular case.
The only way to clear ACORN’s good name, would be to have a national guideline for general elections requiring all voters to present a photo identification card, such as a license, when being handed a ballot. Although community organizers find that to be discriminatory because apparently some voters don’t have drivers licenses, the situation could be easily rectified by having voter identification cards supplied at time of registration – for a nominal fee (say $5.00) to cover costs. This would eliminate allegations of voter fraud – which would be dramatically reduced – and ACORN could concentrate on its efforts with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, full time. In fact, should Barney Frank be unemployed come 2010, he’d be a natural ACORN employee. Afterall, there is an office smack dab in the middle of Suffolk County, , in Fields Corner, just outside of his district - an easy commute.

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