Friday, May 08, 2009

Oklahoma House Passes HCR1028 Sovereignty Resolution – Other States Follow

The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, affirms the rights of the State and its respective citizens over the powers of the Federal Government as outlined in that same document. In the past two months, the 10th Amendment has become a rallying point for those states declaring sovereignty as the Federal Government increases its power over the states and its citizens. Oklahoma’s House passed HCR 1028, a Resolution (veto proof) declaring sovereignty, on the 4th of May. The Oklahoma Senate is moving fast, they are taking up the Resolution on on May 11, 2009. Should the Resolution pass the Senate (which appears likely), Oklahoma will be the first state in the Union to officially declare independence from Washington, DC.

Oklahoma is not alone in the desire to distance the State from Federal Powers, the original intent of the framers of the Constitution. According to the 10th Amendment Center blog, other states that have similar resolutions are : South Dakota, Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, North Dakota, South Carolina and North Dakota.

Ben Smith of Politico characterizes the states seeking sovereignty as “Red States”, or those states that have legislatures which are controlled by the Republican Party – a party that has, with the exception of the period 2000-2008, been one which believed in the State autonomy – less Federal government. The call for Sovereignty is a direct result of the actions (primarily fiscal), of the federal government vis a vis budgets and bailouts, which will ultimately adversely affect each State government that participates or receives stimulus funding.

The stimulus, otherwise known as the Great American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, is outlined by the administration at On the face of it, the bill appears to be a bridge to recovery, but the key is the length of time the bridge will be available: 2 years. States that accept the federal funds, will, in two years, be looking to their respective citizens to kick in the money to keep the jobs and projects solvent – otherwise known as “taxes”. The Federal government, seeking a way to pay for their generosity, will also have no other choice but to also ask for an increase in taxes. Additionally, the acceptance of the Stimulus gives no incentive to those States that are “Blue” (controlled by Democrat Legislators and/or Governor) to tighten their belt – rather, continue to spend, oftentimes in ways which are contrary to the concept of “commons sense”.

Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, has recently asked for additional funds in order to provide cars for those receiving state assistance. Providing cars in an effort to lift someone out of poverty is one thing, however, Massachusetts goes so far as to foot the bill for the insurance and a subscription to Triple AAA! The blog, Red Tide speaks to the Commonwealth’s taxpayers growing angst against Governor Deval Patrick, and the ever increasing spending and corruption of that administration.

Massachusetts, will in all likelihood, retain its full protection under the Federal Government (given the close association of the Governor and the President Obama), until November of 2010. The likelihood of Deval Patrick being re-elected at this point in time is minimal at best; with members of his own Party considering a run in order to salvage the position. One has to ask, how long will it be before States (either the legislator or the citizens) like the “bluest state” of Massachusetts, also consider a declaration invoking the 10th amendment?

Although it is highly doubtful the legislature of Massachusetts would ever consider such a measure, it is highly conceivable that the people will – voicing their displeasure in the voting booth. The first to take the blame for fiscally incompetent federal policies that certain States embrace, are the respective State Leadership (both on a state and federal level) followed by those at the top of the Federal Heap. Historically speaking, once Jimmy Carter’s stimulus resulted in the phenomena known as the “misery Index”, the bridge to recovery that collapsed was slowly built up by an opposition party, swept into power by those that bore the brunt of the “stimulus” – the actual taxpayer.

Thomas Jefferson (Ironically touted as the man who inspired the Democrat Party): "The Federal is, in truth, our foreign government, which department alone is taken from the sovereignty of the separate States." --Thomas Jefferson to Robert J. Garnett, 1824. ME 16:15 (Source: University of Virginia

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Foxwood said...

There are no posts to this? This is great news, along with the gun legislation that Texas, Tennessee, Utah, and Montana are working on. I'm trying to move on Louisiana now. Hit him on all fronts!

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