Friday, May 22, 2009

Massachusetts – Free Cars for Welfare Recipients Draws Fire from Bay Stater’s

The State of Massachusettsknown for its “generous” entitlement programs and subsequent high taxes (and never ending tax increases to pay for said programs), has requested additional monies for its free car program for welfare recipients. The program includes the car, the insurance and a years’ worth of Triple AAA!

Citizens of Western Massachusetts are putting their two cents in over at MassLive, The Springfield Republican, website The online poll currently indicates that 90% of Massachusetts respondents (taxpayers?) object.

Channel 40 Springfield’s report below:
Free cars for welfare recipients draw criticism

It goes without saying that after a 25% sales tax increase passed by the State Senate this week, and more taxes on the table, Massachusetts taxpayers are sick of those who bleed the system dry. One has to appreciate the irony of the fact that those free cars Obama promised on his road to the White House are already a reality in the State governed by his friend Deval Patrick (The original “Yes We Can” man).

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