Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Barney Frank to Deval Patrick’s House Speaker – Massachusetts Politician’s Gambling on Increased Revenue for the State and the Nation

Governor Deval Patrick, Governor of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and exporters of the “Yes We Can” form of fiscal irresponsibility (spend, tax, spend), nationwide, is now seeing a resurrection of his failed bid to bring Casino Gambling to the Bay State. The Governor had lobbied hard for Casino’s during his campaign in 2006 and once he took office, however, he ran up against former Massachusetts House Speaker, Salvatore D’Masi, who was in direct opposition to Governor’s plan. Original legislation never made it past the Speaker. D’Masi, who took early retirement (in Massachusetts political speak), is now out of the way, and the subject is back on the table. However, there is little mention of embattled Governor Patrick’s involvement in the latest Casino debate. The embattled Governor has little political capital left with the citizens of the Commonwealth, most of who expect him to go the way of his protagonist, D’Masi. Therefore the job of bringing the Governors Pet program to fruition falls to new Speaker, Robert DeLeo
The most notable development is an office in Palmer, Massachusetts, housing a Mohegan Sun public relations team, designed to “introduce” the concept to the residents of this Western Massachusetts city. The argument by both the state and the Mohegan Sun is increased revenue for both the host municipality (Palmer in this instance) and the State.

Any pro-gambling legislation now stands a better chance of passage, as the new House Speaker, DeLeo, is shockingly in favor of gambling in the Bay State.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts’ own, Barney Frank (D-MA – 4th Congressional District), has become the
darling of gambling firms nationwide. Frank has introduced and lobbied hard for legislation for legalized, and here’s the key, regulated, on-line gaming in the United States. The term regulated immediately conjures up another stalwart of the Democrat Dictionary – “Taxes”. Leave it to Barney, the genius behind Freddie and Fannie, to handle the gaming industry.

Those that are most inclined to spend on gambling, are those that have the least earned income or on fixed incomes, whether in line for lottery tickets, at the casino or on-line. From senior citizens heading in busloads to the nearest casino, to college students racking up credit card debt on on-line gaming sites, Barney is seeing green, and so is the casino industry.

Regardless of one’s view on the benefits of legalized gaming in any form, one has to consider who is pushing the legislation – those that are the least responsible when it comes to fiscal responsibility. Any profits realized from either on-line gaming nationwide, or casinos in Massachusetts, will fall prey to already bloated budgets, or be the stimulus behind new programs that will, ultimately exceed expected annual budgets, (see Massachusetts Health Care), and the taxpayer will end up footing yet another bill in the future.

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