Thursday, April 16, 2009

White House Spokesman Gibbs – Dismisses Tea Party Protests - Estimates 800 Held Nationwide Equals a Massive Demonstration

From - Tax Day Tea Party Locations

Boston Tax Day Tea Party - NECN Photo

Yesterday, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, dismissed the Tea Party Participants nothing the either had already received a tax cut from Obama (that $8.00 to $13.00 extra in one’s paycheck that will be wiped out by the upcoming Federal gas tax increase), or that the participants were smokers (referring to the new tax on tobacco products). The majority of the headlines from major daily papers read: ”Republicans Stage ‘tea party’ protests against Obama”, in an effort to marginalize the scope of the protests that we’re held on the 15th of April in an estimated 800 cities nationwide. That figure is somewhat difficult to pin down, as the group Tax Day Tea Party alone had 800 planned, and there were many nationwide which were not affiliated with the group.

Tea Party San Francisco - image CBS

Should one take the time to query Google News, they will be faced with a daunting 2,223 articles regarding Tea Party’s held across the nation; larger venues such as Atlanta drew a conservative 10,000 protesters, and should one estimate only 1,000 attendees per tea party, that would mean 800,000 citizens protested yesterday on a variety of issues that are based on taxation. From Obama’s budget to the IRS, signs were held high from Lansing Michigan to San Francisco; where the local news, in most cases reported a mix of attendees; Republican’s, Independents and yes, Democrats who are sick and tired of bloated budget and out-of-touch politician’s, including Obama. Although the concept was brought about by a Conservative Group (not Republican), the attendees were a mixed bag of political ideology with a common complaint.

What ABC, NBC and CBS (CNN, MSNBC), fail to understand is that; although they do have a certain viewership, they will further lose credibility simply because people also watch their local news, which, reports contradict the national media. This will also apply to the White House – should the President (or Gibbs) downplay the events or tag them as “Republican”, they too will be in the same league as the other “talking heads”. What is it that the people want? The citizens of this country want an end to limitless returns to Congress, which enables these legislators to continue to plug pork and ridiculous spending measures into each budget and bill they lay their hands on. Additionally, the current budget is unacceptable to many who know that the tax burden being placed on future generations is untenable. The reason for tagging Republican to the events is simple; and transparent – the White House and the Media understand that the people are angry across the board, and will tag the Democrat Party, with Obama at its helm, as the culprits. This will lead to a strong showing to the GOP in 2010 - however, should they tag this nationally as a GOP idea, then they are doing a disservice to those who attended the protests (who were bi-partisan) and a service to the Republican Party. The Party will benefit, and be branded anti-tax, anti-budget, which, in an ever deepening economic mess, will be remembered by those heading to the polls in 2010 and 2012.


Chuck said...

Looking at your map one can see where Gibbs is coming from, there's still white spaces left. Bottom line is that all they have as a response is to attempt to discredit it. Problem is that a lot of these people they are discrediting are people that voted for Obama.

(that $8.00 to $13.00 extra in one’s paycheck that will be wiped out by the upcoming Federal gas tax increase)This lie is getting old fast. Yes we are going to get a $13/week in our paycheck but that will be more than wiped out by the gas tax, home fuel tax, cigarette tax, medical insurance tax, etc.

Tina Hemond said...

Hi Chuck, I'm most surprised at where the locations of tea parties were - look at how heavy the northeast is - and the south - and California - and - ok - most of the mid-west - except for those areas that are state with extremely low populations and low State tax rates - the attempt to discredit is growing old fast - how many Democrats that you know are now questioning and/or participated in tax day events? That's the question - Moderate Democrats have had it.

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