Monday, April 13, 2009

Massachusetts Tax Penalty Non-Compliance with Mandatory Health Insurance Program

As a public service: As the number one search lately for this blog is “Tax for Massachusetts Health Insurance Program”, the entire schedule is listed at Massachusetts Department of Revenue. To break it down in simple terms:
The State has determined what individuals and families must pay in taxes for not carrying the States Mandatory Health Insurance program, based upon 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. There is a graduated scale in taxes (fees) based upon ones annual salary as well as the total number of dependents for this tax year. Additionally, the State insists that these fees only apply to adults who are “deemed” able to afford the States Plan (Health Connector). There is an appeals process available for those who wish to file based upon the inability to purchase health insurance from the state for reasons not stated on the D.O.R. website. There is no penalty assessed for a lapse in coverage of 63 days in the 2008 calendar year, however, there is no mention of what might happens should the State’s Commonwealth Connector arbitrarily (by mistake) cancel one’s health insurance, and fail to notify you in a timely manner (this happens).

Married couples without children are taxed as follows: the fee will be equal the sum of the individual penalty for each spouse. Therefore, if two people earn $42,012 per year, and have no children, they will be paying $1,842 in additional taxes to the State. (Another boon to the wedding industry.)

A Family of 4 Earning $$42,408 Will Pay Only Half or $420 Tax Penalty to State of Massachusetts, and so on. The State’s D.O.R. is rather user friendly, again located here at Massachusetts D.O.R. There are no loopholes, one must comply or pay the fee.

To avoid paying this additional tax to the state of Massachusetts for the following tax year (2009), go to Commonwealth Care, or consider moving to a State where Mandatory Health Insurance is not in force. (Residents of the North Shore have taken a liking to New Hampshire, turning that formerly Red State, rather Blue).


radu_addmall said...
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Anonymous said...

There is a huge difference between "universal health care" and "mandatory health care".

Forcing citizens to participate in a corrupt system is FASCISM!

Anonymous said...

Look American citizens, concider this reality: Our system, stands on two legs. One leg supports an absolute corporate authority, the other leg supports an aboslute socialist authority. Both exist with extreamly limited checks and ballances. These two legs meet at the hip on the national Fascist body! So look for more negative repressive developments within the Fascist realm. Look for them to undo our contitutional right to bear arms here pretty soon. Look for check points where you are randomly searched. Look for them to force you to make many more "manditory" payments into this failing coruppted system. Look for them to liquidate your property rights, when it is to the advantage of the corporate elite to do so....Look for their new secret but terrible police(Gestopo)Look for the concentration camps, but under much more euphomised names such as relocation centers, rehabilitation center, etc. Because America, if you cannot keep up with this new rat race, then that is where you will be heading very soon!!

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