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Barney Frank will be up for re-election in 2010 – a Public Service Message


Sean Beilat (R-MA) Former Democrat Set to Savage Barney Frank (D-MA) in November General

Sean Bielat pulled off a rather large GOP primary victory last night, and has set his sites on one of Massachusetts more interesting and reviled politician, Congressman Barney Frank. Frank, who won the Democrat Party Primary, besting political newcomer Rachael Brown, will now, for the first time in decades (this is a resounding them in regards to Massachusetts Congressional Races) face one Sean Bielat – The man who will retire Barney Frank this November 2010.

Understanding the aforementioned reads like a tired political slogan, one must understand that the reality of the district, (high unemployment key), and the quality of the opposition candidate (One Mr. Shawn Bielat), makes the slogan more of a reality based statement. From an early age, Mr. Bielat was invested in a family of military background, and politically the family leaned Democrat. The key here is that they were a family of New York Democrats, or what is otherwise known in Massachusetts as Republicans. In addition, Mr. Bielat is already familiar with Congress, as he was a page for, you guessed it, Democrats. Mr. Bielat has a stellar business record, an education to match which makes this bright young, active duty Marine, the perfect match for the current curmudgeon who holds sway over the district and the nation’s finances.

Admittedly, at first, when hearing Mr. Bielat switched to the Republican Party in 2007, the reaction from this blog was one of pure anger and frustration. Both emotions driven by a political motivation to remove Barney Frank from office, no matter how small a contribution one may make towards that endeavor, and here, Mr. Bielat had the most perfect background in order to do achieve that goal, only he neglected to use it to his best advantage, in this humble opinion. Had Mr. Bielat announced his former affiliation and his desire to be a change agent, by not only leaving the Democrat Party, but in addition running against one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress (which, needless to say – is not particularly well liked by conservatives, or those who lean conservative) – he would have been miles ahead of Frank in his quest, pre-primary.

That said, never say never and apparently too little too late does not apply. That is not to say it will be a “walk in the park” for Mr. Bielat, but it will be easier for Mr. Bielat to take back the 4th Congressional District seat for the people, than any other district race in the Commonwealth. To learn more about Sean Bielat, and specifically to donate, donate, donate go to: Sean Send a message to the Beltway (and the media) – the 4th District is far from “Safe Democrat”.

Polls: Mr. Bielat is within 10 points of Barney Frank as of September 14, 2010. Visit and donate, volunteer, donate

Addendum: Barney Frank will be challenged by Earl Sholley, who announced his candidacy today. (Article Here) Sholley is a fiscal conservative, and although one might think that the district (and all of Massachusetts for that matter) is primarily Democrat - it is not. The majority of registered voters are "Unenrolled", and Sholley did run in 2008, but entered the race late - the result was that Mr. Sholley received all of the Republican votes (approximately 12%), he also received votes from either unenrolleds or Democrats who were disenfranchised from Mr. Frank for supporting Obama over Clinton, which amounted to approximately 30% of the districts votes. 2010 will be different for several reasons - Mr. Sholley has already filed with the FEC, he has a campaign manager with grassroots experience (Huckabee Campaign), and the primary reason that most Republicans do not win in the Bay State is simply branding - or name recognition. Polling in past elections (in Massachusetts) proved that the challenger's numbers went up with name recognition, (see Jeff Beatty's Senate Run Against John Kerry) - the approval rating was equal to the number of individuals who "knew of" the candidate. This particular race is, of course, of import to the 4th District of Massachusetts, but more importantly, of import to the nation, given Mr. Frank's position and his ties to the nation's finances (among other issues). To those interested in learning more about Earl Sholley, visit his website or

As there have been almost as many search request for “When is Barney Frank Up for Reelection” as the search for Tax Penalties for Health Insurance)on this blog, the following information is being provided as a public service: Barney Frank (D-MA) 4th District will be up for re-election in 2010. The 4th district includes Bristol County (New Bedford and Fall River), Middlesex County (Newton), Norfolk County (Foxboro), and Plymouth County (Halifax, Lakeville, Marion, Mattapoisett, Middleborough, Rochester, Wareham).

Should one be interested in finding an alternative to Mr. Frank, there is, to date, one (Republican) candidate that has announced an intention to run: Earl Henry Sholley(Website).
According to South Coast Today Mr. Frank’s paper of choice, he has quadrupled the amount of donations to his election since 2002, the majority of the funds coming from
the financial services sector, instead of individual donations from the district itself.

To find out who else may be running against Mr. Frank in 2010, contact the State GOP here.
Other State Political Party that might run a candidate against Barney Frank:
the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts There is a list of minor Party’s with contacts here at the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s website. Should you want to keep an eye on Mr. Frank, ACORN’s offices in Massachusetts are listed here.
Just a note: That Acorn office was “broken into” in October of 2008, computers were stolen. Mr. Frank handily won re-election. Granted this is merely a coincidence. "Republican Operatives" were blammed for the break-in - seriously.


Anonymous said...

please vote this man out of office, this country can't afford to kept this crook in office.

nanti said...

Today Frank announced that he wants the repayed TARP funds (with interest) to go for housing through ACORN, and not back to the taxpayers. If this wasn't so incredibly serious it would be funny. PLEASE ORGANIZE AND VOTE THIS IDIOT OUT OF OFFICE!!!! PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

The website for Sholley is actually:

Tina Hemond said...

Thank you to the Anonymous poster for editing! I fixed the link - and appreciate the "catch".

Anonymous said...

Barny Frank was responsible for the housing disaster and a key creator of the financial crisis by his well documented actions he now is time Massachusetts votes him out NOW! PLEASE...ANYBODY ELSE WOULD BE BETTER! It is time to get these Washington parasites out of Washington! Enough is Enough.

Anonymous said...

Please vote Frank out of office. He's for single payer health care and only wants to grow the government until it swallows this country whole. Kick this guy out!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

If Barney Frank were to marry Steve Gobey, who would carry who over the threshold? If it to be Barney Frank to be carried across, Mr. Gobey better use a wheelbarrow.

Tina Hemond said...

To the last Anonymous Poster - Barney Franks choice of lifestyle is not an issue, in fact, I find your comment most distasteful. An individual should not, in my opinion, be judged on lifestyle. That said, Frank's handling of the nations finances is what is at issue, and clouding the issue with homophobic nonsense does a disservice to those who would see Frank removed for the right reasons.

Anonymous said...

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are largely to blame for the economic crisis now facing this nation. They used the CRA to force banks into lending money to people who were unable to handle the mortgages banks gave them. This resulted in large scale default which had a domino effect on Wall Street. This liar NEEDS TO BE REMOVED. ANYONE IS A BETTER CANDIDATE

Tina Hemond said...

Anonymous - and don't forget Freddie and Fannie and Frank's ties to them - in his position on the Finance Committee, beginning in 2006, he pronounced them "sound" - and on the whole mortgage and lending practices issue, one can trace that all the way back to Carter. - it is, however, the zeal with which Frank pushed that brought us to this state - I don't believe his background is economics, one would think that party politics aside, those without an understanding - would perhaps serve on other, less dangerous committees. There are a lot of candidates in the field, some are better than others, but now is the time to take a serious look at all the candidates from all sides, and whoever makes the most sense, regardless of party - should get the backing of every single taxpayer in the 4th. He is vulnerable and he can be beat, but it needs to be someone who is running for the right reason - country first.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE as a citizen of Massachusetts, and the United States we cannot aford to keep the clown in Office. He was a main cog in the wheel that ruined this era economically, and a vocal proponant in the rediculous Health care reform. If you care about the future of this country and that of your children, do all you can to make sure that he does not get re-elected in 2010.

Anonymous said...

we must call a spade a spade. political correctness will destroy this country! this guy is the most corrupt congresswoman in congress. he should not only be defeated for re-election but also prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law-fannie and freddie.

Macdaddy said...

Did Bawny learn how to talk while being potty trained ? he should spit it out or swallow it.

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