Thursday, January 08, 2009

Senate Democrats follow the Letter of the Law – Burris to be Seated

Roland Burris Photo Wall Street Journal

In a change of face, Senate Democrats, with prodding from President-Elect Obama, have relented and will seat Roland Burris. Burris, chosen by embattled Illinois Governor Blagojevich, to fill Obama’s vacant senate seat, has faced a battle from Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

Reid, who had allegedly spoken to Blagojevich regarding his preferences for the vacant seat, has excluded specific individuals, all of whom we’re African American. Republican Senator Cornyn is asking that, if the tape exists, , it should be released.

One must understand that should a tape appear which clearly shows Harry Reid playing fast and loose with the Constitution (see 9th Circuit Court), with racist undertones, it would have no bearing on his current status. Somehow, scandals in the “people’s party” don’t call for action, unless of course it is at the hands of constituents (see Louisiana Congressman “Freezer” Jefferson, replaced by Joseph Cao (R) in a heavily Democrat district).
There should have been no drama surrounding the Burris selection, considering he was legally and constitutionally selected by the Governor of Illinois (who, although arrested, and facing charges, is still the acting governor). Reid, who has made some interesting statements regarding the President Elect is up for reelection in 2010.


Anonymous said...

"In a change of face, Senate Democrats, with prodding from President-Elect Obama, have relented and will seat Roland Burris. "

Wonder what caused the 180? Read somewhere that Burris was AG when BO was first seated as IL Senator, and that the AG verifies eligibility by verifying all the documentation (like birth certificates, etc.).

Chuck said...

I think two things on this

-They didn't really have a choice

-They made this much more embarassing on themselves than they had to.

Jimmy Lewis said...

This was totally about race ... once the press gave it the appearance that Burris was barred from entering Reid's sacred senate chambers, and then thrown out into the rain ... Harry had to wipe the egg off his face as quick as possible.

Had he simply followed the law ... as you so expressed ... and seated Burris, this circus could have been eliminated.

Senator Retract (aka Harry Reid) has a long history for opening up his mouth and inserting his foot.

Lets hope the good people from the State of Nevada stick their collective foot onto another area of the Senator's body.

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