Saturday, January 10, 2009

Massachusetts State GOP Chair attracts Two Candidates

Peter Torkildsen’s, resignation as Massachusetts State GOP Chairman, has brought two candidates (that can be verified), forward that want to tackle the job of moving the Massachusetts Republican Party in a positive direction. Massachusetts Republicans actually lost seats in the last election – in a state where over 50% of the voters are registered as “unenrolled” – is mind-boggling - from a statistics standpoint.

Will new leadership address the issues of conservatives in the Bay State, garner enough press (outside of New England Cable News) to brand both the party and any candidates, and, most importantly, act like (tired but appropriate analogy) Reagan Republicans?

(Ronald Regan won the Bay State twice - by sticking to his conservative principals, while having the sense to include all peoples, into the party (including Union Democrats, all ethnicity and genders). In other words, he did not win the Bay State by declaring himself pro-choice.)

The Candidates in brief: Mike Franco , of East Longmeadow, has not held public office, and ran two failed campaigns for Governors council (neither should be held against a candidate), Franco who is a fathers-rights activist is also unapologetically pro-life and pro-family.

Jennifer Nassour, a mother, wife and long-time Republican activist, is referred to as “a breath of fresh air” by State Senator Scott Brown (one of the few Bay State Republicans to hold an office)
(Being a "party insider" should not be held against anyone.)

A comment responding to an article in the Boston Herald regarding Scotts endorsement of Nassour was blatantly sexist, suggesting that Nassour stick to her present employment as a “mom”. (Making her even more qualified in the mind of a Conservative Feminist.) Nassour has a hefty resume, especially as a fund-raiser, a quality badly needed should the Republican Party hope to regain ground in Massachusetts - they will need to consider branding and a paid media blitz, as they face a less than friendly press. Therefore, someone with the ability to multi-task ("mom"), is an aggressive fundraiser and who understands how to use the media (including social media)may be the ticket.

That said, be it Franco or Nassour who is chosen on the 27th by members of the State Committee, ignoring the grassroots, failing to push conservative Republican candidates by aggressive branding, and most importantly, acting like Democrats, will assure that the status qua remains the same.

Note: Jeff Beatty, Republican candidate for Senate 2008, had little press outside of the New England Cable News Network and the Cape – that said Suffolk University Polls conducted at various points in the campaign showed a specific increase in approval for Jeff Beatty, consistent with the percentage of those polled on “name recognition”.

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