Monday, January 05, 2009

Arabic News Site Questions Obama's Silence on Gaza

The Arabic News Site, Al Jezzera’s, article on president-elect Obama’s silence on the situation in the Gaza strip is nothing short of naive. There are several facts that the “Muslim world” has failed to consider, chief among them is that Obama was elected to be the President of the United States, not the “President of the World”.

In the article, Mark Perry of the Conflicts Forum, a pro-Muslim group, noted:

"Obama has said that Israel has the right to defend itself from rocket attacks but my question to him is 'does he believe that Palestinians also have the right of self-defense?'"

Although the group claims that they do not support Hamas, Mr. Perry‘s question regarding the Palestinians right of “self-defense” is plain hogwash. The situation in the Gaza was started by Hamas, an Islamic Terrorist group that was elected by the Palestinian people. In short, "the people" knew what they were getting into.

The article, in its attempt to condemn the President-Elect, goes on to point out that Obama spoke out in support of Israel during the Campaign. This should come as no surprise given the fact that Israel is a staunch ally of the United States, whereas the Palestinians are not. Indeed,the Palestinian Leadership, Hamas, has gone so far as to threaten the the US for the crime of “supporting Israel”. If Obama were to speak out against any particular "side" in this instance, when he officially takes office, one would think should be against "terrorists" (Hamas). That said, with no crystal ball in hand, no-one is in a position to know what the President Elect will or will not say.

The fact remains that Israel is a sovereign nation unto its own, taking no direction from the United States, and needing no “permission” from the United Nations or Europe in order to protect itself. With the Hamas leadership cowardly hiding in mosques, homes in highly populated urban areas, and hospitals, is it no wonder that there will be Civilian casualties? Palestinian civilians are taught from an early age to hate Israel and the U.S. and career focus in mainly on becoming suicide bombers. (You tube videos below)

One would think, think that instead of “condemning Obama’s silence”, these pro-Palestinian protesters would condemn Hamas tactics against their own people! That thought process can also be applied to the European Press (see Article Guardian UK here, CNN, CBS and the entire anti-Semitic American and International Press.

Hero of the week goes to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has traveled to Ideal to show solidarity and support for Israel’s self-defense New York City suffered one attack on September 11, 2001; the Israeli’s suffer daily at the behest of “world opinion”. It is indeed, time for change, however, the change should come in the form of outrage against groups like Hamas and the “innocent civilians” who support them.


Lisa said...

Israel needs keep on the path to securing their nation and ignore all outside international voices. Israel is in the right here and the rest of the world just needs to leave them alone.

Excellent Blog Post, Tina !!!

Chuck said...

Good post. You hit at the heart of the matter, people in the Middle East are raised to hate. You can't change that easily. I think the short term solution is for Israel to do enough damage to Hamas that they will not be a threat for a good long time.

Jillian Bandes said...

The Israeli Palestinian conflict is NOT a feminist issue!!! I hate to do the blatant self-promoting but you've gotta read Phoebe's post on this:

Totally true.

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