Tuesday, February 21, 2006

You find me offensive
I find you offensive for finding me offensive
Hence if I should draw out a line any fences
If so to what extents, if any, should I go?

Cause it's getting expensive
Being on the other side of the court room on the defensive
They say I cause extensive
Psychological nerve damage to the brain
When I go to lengths this
Far at other people's expenses
I say you're all just too god damn sensitive
It's censorship

Rain Man

What we, as American's, take for granted - the right to be offended - to take it and to dish it out is what makes our nation one of the most desirable places on this planet, if not the the number one destination which every other countries citizens can only hope to immigrate.

What boggles the mind is that a cartoon, merely a cartoon, published in October of 2005, would cause such a rucus worldwide.

Pictured above, the now infamous Danish cartoon, originally published in October, 2005, here a jab at Christians in cartoon published stateside during presidential election 2004, and an interesting piece credited: Pope: Peace on Earth
Devil-Jew: Colonies on Earth
On Jew: Israeli imperialism
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, March 22, 2000]

Who would have thought that something so banal would cause so many to lose their minds so quickly.

Something to "pause" about. Or consider this: could an entire group of this planets citizens, mainly male, be "pausing" right out of their minds?

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