Friday, January 02, 2015

Rick Perry -2016 – What are the odds? Both fields (DNC/GOP) too early to place any bets!

In reading a recent Texas Tribune article reposted by the New York Times one learns, if nothing else, that Rick Perry, the longest serving Governor in the State’s history, is politically astute. This is in stark contrast to the 2012 debate forum where Perry, in pain from a recent surgery, completely forgot the answer to a debate question. It was the end of his campaign, but obviously, not the end of Perry.

He maybe more popular now, than previously, and as all in the company of the not yet announced, is a wild horse. In the GOP possible at the moment, there is no way of telling who maybe the real front runner once the dust settles and the announcements have been made as to who is actually in the race.

Given the nature of the RNC one would imagine that the Jeb Bush push is on, but the odds of Bush making it through the primary is slim at best. This leaves an interesting group of individuals who bring Reaganesque properties to the table – Paul, Perry and Cruz for starters, should, again, any of them actually announce.

On the Democrat side – we are assured Hillary Clinton may run away with the nomination (see Clinton-Bush II) however, there are others who are seriously considering jumping in. An NBC Article Democrats eyeing a Clinton challenge get icy reception” gives us Jim Web (VA Senate), Martin O’Malley (Maryland Governor) and Bernie Sanders – Senator from Vermont. Apparently, the donors aren’t lining up for them according to NCB. That said, donors aside, Sanders does resonate with the base, and one has to like Sanders for being upfront about what he stands for. That’s unlike a lot of other options not yet set on the table. Long shot perhaps, but the base likes him.

What one has to factor is which one of the abovementioned truly has crossover appeal – one that would garner support from the right, the left and the center – two come to mind and neither are the proverbial early “frontrunners”.

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