Tuesday, November 04, 2014

To All those Political Purists – Don’t Complain if You Don’t Vote

It goes without saying that no matter what political party one prefers, if one has a purist mentality, one may not vote at all, especially if the slate of candidates does not meet sterling criteria. This mentality would adhere to many a “group”: those who would not vote for someone who was pro-life or someone who was pro-choice, or someone who vote once against a tax, or for a tax, or someone who has the unfortunate circumstance to be born into a religion that does not fit – say a Catholic or a Mormon. Those individuals who do not exercise their right to vote, or vote for part of a ticket – throw away their right to vote. It is a right that, as a citizen, all may partake – unlike other nations, it is a gift.

Therefore, those who sit back and watch their jobs disappear, or their lifestyle depleted, or whatever issue floats the boat, cannot complain when things get worse, unless, of course, one votes.

So, go vote, hold your nose, cover one eye, and vote in what may be the better candidate – the lesser of two evils. In all of these years, that this blogger has voted, it was sometimes right, sometimes left, when available Libertarian, however, it always had a consequence when it came to the ability to complain or celebrate – it was an earned right to do either.

So, go vote, one person can make a difference and with a clear conscious you can complain. There is no perfect candidate, and there never will be, they are, all of them, left, right and center, just people, who have stepped forward, taken time out of their lives, to try and better the nation.

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