Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Nation Rises – GOP Control’s House, Senate, Governors Seats – More GOP Women, More First, More Diversity

It was one heck of a night of recrimination against all things progressive given the overwhelming defeat of Progressive Democrats nationwide, and in places that were considered sacrosanct to the Party.

The Washington Post suggests the credit belongs to the Republican GOP Machine, however, one might suggest that the credit belongs to the voters and possibly the Progressives themselves who’s policies have wrought destruction for millions.. Looking at the maps, the nation, divided into blue and red, appears to be heading more towards a Reagan landslide (which was populist)

Favorite victories: Charlie Baker, new governor of Massachusetts(WWLP), Tim Scott, First African American elected to the South Carolina Senate(Republic), Joni Earnst, first woman elected to the Senate in Iowa, and of course, West Virginia, where Capito became the first woman, and the first GOP Senator from WV in 55 years

The GOP in DC? – Nope the angry American People, which it now behooves them to tack right rather than left to move things in the right direction.

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